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today: might be my all time fav.  until i get me some chlorophylls that is. :wink:

can i also get a legit check on these for anyone who got some safaris?  thank you guys. 

I'm quite jealous man, blue is my fav color and I skipped these cause I wasn't too into AMs back then :smh:
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@unseen finally pulled the trigger on the safaris huh? Haha that's awesome man! I held out for a bit but I'm wanting some still. I have my eye currently on the AM1 beasts I found for a decent deal. (Not sure why I like these so much) but they sweet.

Also, to the guy that was looking for a roshe upper with AM1 midsole I found a pic on IG. Which surprisingly is the same guy that did that swap on the Icarus AMD posted. That Icarus swap is incredible.



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Rosie upper doesn't look bad, the Icarus upper on the other hand looks awesome [emoji]128076[/emoji][emoji]127997[/emoji]
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So I finally got my IDs in hand and worn today. Really wish I could have changed the Nike on the tongue to red to have it pop more but oh well. Really love how they came out.

One question though. Does anyone else think their IDs are a lil bigger than normal. I'm normally a 10 but in air max 1s I have to get a10.5 But with these IDs I think I should have gotten a 10. A lil too much room in the toe box for me.
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Saw this shoe on IG, i thought it was a but plain for a bespoke. But its shoe so whatever floats his boat. Reminded me of this SP

Which i have been looking for but cant find my size, i thought i lucked out on amazon and found an 8.5 but it was a 7.5. No way i can squeezew inot that
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