The OFFICIAL Shox VC post - ripping, performance, colorways

Dec 4, 2001
For the benefit of members looking for information about the Shox VC as well as for other members' posts I decided to make one post that gathers information about them.

Post the colorways that are about to be released, lower prices in different areas, the upper material ripping easily, the performance, the fit, the effictivity of the forefoot shox etc.

To prevent other members telling me that I only wanted my name on the side of the official VC post I "used" CartersShoxRNice's post. I hope you don't mind, man.

New posts about the VC Shox will be deleted/locked if they don't contain a topic that could be discussed in here. If you think that strategy is wack, let me know. If you think that strategy is good, let me know, too.


original post by CartesShoxRNice:

ok, ive replyed to a few posts with people who said there VCs ripped.....does anyone know if this is ONLY on the red/black? or also on the black/red?
its not because of the color. its the material. its so thin that if someone skids feet with you youre pretty much askin for it. i think mine ripped when i dove after a ball in a game. and its mostly along the "ribs". if youre gonna get either of them, get the black cuz the holes would probbaly be less noticeable
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I just noticed that mine ripped. Its a damn shame too because I love the feel of it. I guess I gotta play ball in my Foamposites for now.
Well, I'm definitely not getting them now. That's totally ridiculous for a $160 shoe... for $20 more I think I'll get the all-star T-Macs AND the Spree mids.
yea, i sent mine back to nike. im really jacked. oh well, looks like ill ball in my sensations, fp2s, and a few others this summer
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That's a damn shame :lol:

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damn.. i am bout to buy them now and just hope they rip so i can send them back
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Ive worn mine for a couple practices and a couple games and they are fine. They ve been stepped on and no problem so far
ok... if i buy them from shoetrends, and the rip, after 2/3 months can i send them back to nike? or i gotta send to shoetrends?
man i love my VC Shox, i got the black/red that released yesterday and they really do help when u land from a dunk... i'm only 5'10" and so when i come down i come down pretty hard lol but anyways mine haven't ripped and they are really comfortable once i broke them in....
My CYO Varisty team is in the Philadelphia City finals and I was thinking if I should get a new pair of shoes for the game or just wait for the white/grey/blue IX's. I'm thinking I'll just buy the VC Shox, and when they rip send them back to nike. Not so bad.
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VC Shox
University Blue/Metallic Silver-White (avail. 8/1/02)

VC Shox Low
White/Black-Varsity Red-Metallic Silver (avail. 7/1/02)

VC Shox Low
Black/Black-Varsity Royal Metallic Silver (avail. 9/1/02)

***Edited since the pop ups get annoying for members, but thanks for the effort, DariusMiles21***
i just thought of an idea to make the vc shox not rip: just take a thin piece of that foam (the type of foam inside the XVII briefcase) and just lay it across those TPU strips....i dunno if it will work, but i might help
i think if you spray some non stick coating on the skin of your VC's they wont rip as easily ! try it...
I am gone get the red/blacks from with the voucher I get for my Jordan XVI navy they gone look tight with our AAU unis eventhough we suppose to be gettin some team shoes FP3s, sigs, or showcases I will still be rockin AJ XIs, IXs, VC shox, and I am seriously considering Air Max Elites, and also the black/red battlegrounds those things are so sexy.
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I think I'll get the Stunners, or wait till the VC's go on sale...

Edit: Oh yeah, anybody know where I can get the Navy/White BB4's for lower than $149.99???

Thanks in advance...
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That old school commercial for the VC's is SO tight!!!
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