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Joined Apr 8, 2009
With games I like. I avoid spoilers very early.
I still haven't seen much of FF7 Re since I'm waiting for the PS5 edition.

But with the OS, man feed me all the info.
Sony always have these little tricks everywhere.

Took me like a few years to find out that the DS4 orange light pulses faster the closer it is to a full charge.

I don't want to be missing out on much.
Plus, digital foundry do some good tests like great sound, external storage and power consumption so that's all good to know as well.
Joined May 28, 2009
Yeah it would be cool to hear about BC patches/plans but I don't wanna see anything else. I am sick of the internet tainting my experiences :lol:
Joined Jan 15, 2005
No issues with seeing it get booted up. I just don’t want spoilers on Miles. I’m only getting 3 games. Miles, 2k and planet coaster
Joined Feb 17, 2010
At this point, what do you guys want to see? I don't want to see anything. Unboxing it, booting it up for the first, navigating the UI etc. is all a part of the new console experience. I'd rather not watch somebody else have the experience for me.
This is how I'm feeling at this point

Only next gen footage I'm trying to watch is 2k gameplay :lol: everything else feels like spoilers
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