The Timepiece Thread vol: READ THE 1st POST!!!

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my pops gave me his rolex datejust for my bday... its vintage and from the early 80s but still in good condition...i wear it sometimes but on saturday i put it on and noticed the dial wasnt moving so now i have to get it serviced... its prally going to cost a grip to fix :smh:
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I have the Nike Apple Watch 2 that I use only when running. I like the fact that you can change the faces (Mickey Mouse is my favorite) and it's pretty slick, but I don't wear it very often. I prefer wearing the Rolex's by far.
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Prefer the rubber strap for a more understated look.
Is that  oysterflex or just a strap? I'm thinking getting a oysterflex myself If I can find one, they made a crazy cushion on the backside for air ventilation, I just hate the sticky feel on my skin lol.  Looks nice though. 
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Looks amazing! I've never seen the strap set up like that, it is an matter of preference?
Bund straps were used mostly by German Luftwaffe pilots back in the day to prevent metal caseback contact with the skin in case of a fire. Pretty fitting strap to use with a flieger. IWC was one of the original suppliers of the Luftwaffe B-Uhr Fliegers along with Stowa and Laco. :pimp:
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