The unsubstantiated or completely made up rumour thread

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If you've heard from a friend of a friend or if you just made it up, post your unsubstantiated or joke Air Jordan rumours here. Let's turn a constantannoyance into a bit of fun.


My neighbour tells me that the 25th Anniversary Air Jordan 20TEN will be released in three base colours (white, black and red) and they will only be availabletogether in a triple pack for only 3x the normal price. To follow on the success of the previous packs (and their brilliant forthought), JB will vary the sizesfor each of the shoes in each pack, one 1 size big and one 1 size small, so if you buy a sz10, the red will be sz10, the white will be sz9 and the black willbe sz11, or something like that. Tinker is working on the final touches and is taking inspiration from both thongs (flip flops) and sheep skin ugg boots.
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wow wat a horrible rumor. idk about outrageous rumors, but i think one of the worst rumors i have heard ina while was the one about the release of the gatoradeVI's this past feb. it had everyone going nuts for a while jus to come to find out it was all BS.
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Well if you search through the whole jb forum, I'm sure you'll find plenty of rumor threads with supposed stuff that dropping.
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Not sure if it's a true or not, but my friend keeps tellin me that u can customize Jordans at the Niketown in Chicago. Any number however you want it.
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i heard they were releasing some jordan retro Microsoft 95 IX(9)s for the 15th anniversary year for Microsoft in 2010...

baby jumpman

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Originally Posted by Rafool

Well if you search through the whole jb forum, I'm sure you'll find plenty of rumor threads with supposed stuff that dropping.

QFT and QFE now that this thread is here there should be a lot less thread of he said she said. People stop making threads everytime you go to the mall and youhear the manager at FTA or FTL saying they heard such and such shoe is dropping. Maybe we will have some og NTers actually come back and start confirmingstuff.
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I normally avoid "threads of this nature", for lack of a better term, BUT?

..since it was posted, just somethin'that popped into my head & fits in this category.

Most of us have seen, as it was posted on here somewhere, maybe even earlier in this thread, the "mistaken/incorrect description" that FL has of the"RBP". Now, not for nothin', but that's an odd mistake in a time of "economic downturn". In a time where it's rumoredyou're using this pack as a marketing test for future releases have a misnomer/mistake/misprint of a product that would seem to be"important" enough to stay on top of. Regardless of who made the error, FL or JB/Nike ..and I'm not up on HTML/site management, so I won'tguess who, it's still bugged.

The desc. is of a VI, and an XI, no?

Two of the"community's" favorite numbers, no?

Blah. Obviously it could mean nothin'just as easily as it could be a hint. I, personally, don't believe in coincidence ..nor do I think this mistakendesc. means we'd get a VI/XI pack, OR that we'd even WANT that. Think "we" have decided against packs if we have any say in it, no? Blah.

Still ..and JB KNOWS this too, which is why it's so weak?

..As you read that desc. ..see VI ..and XI's hard not ta'be like ...yummmmm.
Eff'a pack ..but THOSE 2 models. Grrr. Someone post those riot pics again, cuz that'd be a wrap.

2 cent.

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IN THE YEAR 2000...
Former Nike designer and PRPS Denim founder Donwan Harrell will stage a violent and bloody coup, effectively taking administrative and creative control ofNike/Jordan Brand.
Once in control of the whole operation, he will immediately turn control of Converse back over to it's rightful owners, thus reinstating US productionplants closed for over a decade, just weeks before eminent acquisitions of all former US production equipment by up and coming Japanese footwear designers. The integrity was saved.
The takeover will also result in a mass overhaul of internal company philosophy. Nike will go private, eliminating the need to answer to stockholders. Thiswill create a renewed spirit of quality and innovation over quantity and imitation. Jordan Brand will realize that time apart from Nike has been futile, ifnot downright detrimental and will concede control of the company back to Nike.
Needless to say this will save JB from making a series of design blunders in efforts to "separate their brand identity."
In keeping with the new found "Quality over quantity" mantra, only one retro Jordan model will be released each year in up to 3 colorways. Fullgeneral release. True to original design. High grade construction and materials. Made in the USA. Expensive? Yes. But they will sell out every time andpeople will cherish them.
The integrity will be saved.
All will be right with the world.
In the year 2000.
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^if they can't tell a joke when they see one and get upset, that's just too bad for them.

Just tryin to lighten up the forum a little.

nice one heatstroker
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i heard that for 2010 quality is making a comeback, and true retros are returning with fusions and other abominations are all being thrown in a big pile andbeing lit on fire...Not really, but a man can dream though.

I Stay Lift, the description for the RBP simply seemed to be a description for the original DMP. Half the time online sites can't even get the picturescorrect for releases, so its never good to trust anything from them.
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