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Aug 6, 2004
I just bought me a 10-game pack for the upcoming Raptors season and can't wait for the NHL season to be over.

I was reading today that Villanueva will be playing the three, I thought that maybe with his size 6'11 and 265 he could maybe play some center has anybody heard who the starting C will be this year or do we get to look forward to more Hafa-time?

Discuss the Raptors NOW!!!
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hopefully we'll at least have an allstar selection this year :\

doesn't matter if it's bosh or jrose...
anyone wanto have a mini summit going to the games?
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Toronto NTers,

This will be the only thread I allow about the discussion of Toronto Raptors. Y'all can rep your home team here. All other Raptors-related posts will be deleted. I don't want this forum to turn into a plain sports-talk forum. So don't start any more other threads. Thanks.

Hope the Raptors will make the playoffs!
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You already know, Sports forum resident Raps fan here.

We'll have ALOT to discuss in the coming season...haha.

Relish, Aysix and bobbyfischer I need you guys to join these discussions!
good news for rap fans...

huffa's in game shape?


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^^^ nah he can look like shaq and still be the worthless center that he is....................

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horrible moves this the last ___ offseasons.

only nice move and only shine i will give the raptors is jose cauldron.
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The problem with the Raptors is they have bums running the office, they dont spend any money during the off-season and pulling off decent-big trades during the season seems out of the question.

I dont know if its the weather, the taxes or the team, but it just seems like we cant get solid players (big name or role players) to stay in our city.

T Mac, Vince, Camby, Stoudamire, Zo etc.

Even role players like Arroyo flourish OUT of Toronto (ie. In Utah and then Detroit)

Why cant we get it right?

For the upcoming season, I think there are a few keys to us making an attempt to make the playoffs.

1. Secure a reliable big man (We have decent Centers, but nobody that can bang with Shaq, Yao, Duncan, JO etc. night after night) I know the players I named are the elite big men, but we need someone who will atleast be putting up a good fight.

2. Stronger bench (We have good core players: Bosh, JRose, AW, Mike James etc but for the 10-15 mins. that they are on the bench, we cant let games slip away with sloppy bench play)

Just my 2 pennies..


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i'm just glad to see alvin williams back in a uniform.
he'll be hella rusty, but that man was clutch
I don't like all this negative talk. Our GM is a ****** yeah...But we have a PF with the most upside in the league, healthy veterans and a solid young core.

Year of the 'Baby Raps' cheaaa!!!
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They better not put Bosh at the five too much this season. If we do it too much, I'm pretty confident he's going to be leaving once his contracts up.
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anyone reach the preseason game tonight? probably still going on...had tickets..but passed on 'em studying :\

it was just the jazz but still...

i'm thinking toronto may surprise the league this year.
I dont know if its the weather, the taxes or the team, but it just seems like we cant get solid players (big name or role players) to stay in our city.

players just dont like to play in canada......its that simple
I'm also glad Alvin's back. I wonder how much Bosh has improved this offseason, hopes he makes the all-star team

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I was at the preseason game tonight selling 50/50 tickets

I got a 100 level $165 ticket for volunteering, gonna go boo VC next week!
Raptors better lock up Bosh by the end of next season to a max-contract.

I think we'll just have to be very patient with this team. In 2 years time we'll have 3 MORE 1st-round picks on this team(Araujo, Bosh, Graham, Villineuva + 3 more guys) and we'll have Rose's contract off the books. We seriously wont make the playoffs until 2008.
Didn't see the game last night, but looks like CV, Brown and Calderon impressed.
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read the paper about it this morning...sounds like graham left early because of a sore knee..hopefully it's not a sign for things to come..
Well from what I've read and seen Hoffa lost some weight but here's the bad news....he's still the same old Hoffa. Also Charlie V looked pretty good in that preseason game and I'm willing to bet that Calderon will have the starting job by the all star break.
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the reason why we didnt make any big trades in the offseason is because we are in the rebuilding process.. rose, james.. etc all expire before or by 2007.. thats when the big moves are gopnna be made.. and money is being saved to sign bosh to max contract
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