*UPDATE Mar. 22nd* INFO: ALL 11 Countdown Packs Colorways confirmed & XX3

Mar 28, 2004

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The following is the original message I posted back in June of 2007:

In 2008, Jordan Brand will start to release a slew of Jordans, most in their original color scheme, in packages. Now the unique thing here is that the packageswill consist of models that their number will equal the sum of "23"

For example:

One package will include the XIII and the X models, obviously when you add these two model number they be the sum of "23." By the way, this will mostlikely be the FIRST pack due to release and most likely be in original color schemes.

01/19/2008 "23" Pack: Air Jordan X & XIII Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
X: Black/Dark Shadow-True Red
XIII: White/True Red-Black

Also, as for the XX3:

The first colorway will be a "White/University Blue-Grey" that will retail @ $230.00 and ONLY available at the TOP 23 "Nike/Jordan Stores"

AJ XX3 White/Metallic Silver/Black-Red (#318376-101) $185.00 (will be somewhat "limited")

AJ XX3 Black/Silver/Varsity Red $185.00 (will be somewhat "limited")

**The following is additional info from all other sources posted within this post toadd to my original post I made above**

--Below is a quick rundown of the XX3 model, but for ALL the gathered detailed information there'san OFFICIAL XX3 Post that was made January 9th--

Here's a rendering done by NT'er vocaldigital23 of the original scanned image of the XX3:



Another *Prototype*


Thanks to heat23 and AIR RANDY (for more detailed pics, go to page 91 of this post or this LINK):


-Black/Red colorway (For more detailed pics, follow this LINK)



featured on the latest SLAM magazine issue with Melo and AI on the cover (thanks to NTer lpage3):


"Limited" to the Top 23 Stores (More detailed pics HERE)


Low XX3 Black/Gold thanks to Sneakerfiles (To view more detailed pics Look into thisLINK)


XX3 White/Navy Low (Thanks to kenlu.net and for more detailed pics go HERE)


So far, this is how it's looking:


01/19/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan X & XIII Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
X: Black/Dark Shadow-True Red
White/True Red-Black
For More Detailed Pics on this pack,follow this LINK




01/25/2008 Air Jordan XX3
(Limited To TOP 23 Nike/Jordan Brand Stores in the U.S.)
318474-151 White/Titanium-University Blue



02/16/2008 Air Jordan XX3
White/Metallic Silver/Black-Red (#318376-101)


02/23/2008 Air Jordan XX3
Black/Silver/Varsity Red



03/15/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan IX & XIV Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
IX: White/Black/True Red
Black/White-True Red

For More detailed pics, follow this LINK




04/26/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan II & XX1 Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
II: White/Red
XX1: Black/Red-Silver

For more detailed PICS follow this Link



04/__/2008 Air Jordan XX3
White/Stealth-Metallic Black



05/24/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan VI & XVII Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
VI: White/Carmine-Black
XVII: Black/Metallic Silver

(Thanks to kenlu.net-More Detailed Pics of Carmines on Page 116)

(Thanks to marqueesole-More detailed pics HERE)


06/21/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan VII & XV1 Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
VII: White/Red-Light Silver
XV1: Black/Red

(More detailed pics on Pg. 121)



07/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan IV & XIX Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
IV: Black/Cement Grey-Red
XIX: Black/Red

(*More pics page. 139)


08/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan V & XVIII Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
V: White/Black-Fire Red
XVIII: Black/Red


09/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan I & XX2 Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
I: White/Black (HI cut)
XX2: White/Black


10/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan III & XX Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
III: Black/Cement Grey-Red (OG)
XX: Black/Black (Suede)


11/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan VIII & XV Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
VIII: White/Red (OG)
XV: Black/Red (*Tentative)

12/__/2008 Countdown Pack: Air Jordan XI & XII Retros
(Limited General Release-Check Your Locations that Recieved the DMP)
XI: Black/White/Red
XII: White/Black

Gathered info from "those in the know" that added to what I said above about the XX3s and "23" Packages. .. they posted this throughout this thread and I'm adding it to this first post so people can just look here and not have to look throughout 70+pages:

jmadidas2001: Not talk/speculation...it is confirmed...the Black/Red VIII's ARECOMING out 12.22.07...

The Black/Red XVs ARE COMING OUT and will more than likely be online only (in the US)...

RockDeep: Check that 11 packs. Confirmed.

FLIPJAYS: I was at the meeting today and everything that was put on hear by Brim, POand everybody else is TRUE. I did see the clothing for the 10/13 package and 14/9 package along with the Melo 4, CP signature shoe, XX3 Shoe. The box for theXX3 will be something special from what I was told today.

BabyJordan0312: Omar...

1st to drop the bomb.

Good Looks on sharing this info first.

I don't think there is anything else I can add.

NTinfomaniac: Looks like next Summer will provide the Countdown packages for


I don't know which one will release which month. New info will be provided when I come across it.

Summer '08 will also bring us a new Air Jordan Fusion shoe. I'm ready to see how these will turn out.


NTinfomaniac: The AJ 17 will be in OG colors, although I'm not sure about thecolor placement. The same goes for the AJ 6.

For the AJ 21, it looks like many (including myself) got their wish of a certain color being released.

Keep in mind that I have not seen the shoes, so don't get your hopes up in case color placement/materials is not true to OG:

FrenchBlue, I wouldn't say Blue or Red, but rather Black/Silver XVII's.

As for the XX1's, they will be the Black/Silver/Red pair.

XVI's will be Black/Red.

The beloved VI's, White/Black/Carmine!!!

There is some confusion with the VII's. The GS is showing as White/Red/Light Silver, but the Men's is showing as Black/Red/Light Silver. I don'tknow if they are thinking about changing them or if it's just a mistake.

The II will be White/Red.

tdog91184 They will be in GS sizes as packages for $200. Nothing smaller than a 3.5Ywill be produced.


FLIPJAYS: I just got back from the sales rep meeting with JB for the 2nd quarter of2008 and here are some of the highlights. (April, May, June)

- Count down package will be 1 per month from what I saw.

- Another Limited XX3 in April

- Regional XX3

- Air Jordan Fusion featuring AJ 5 & Air Force 1 both available Men & Women sizes.

- Countdown bag featuring AJ 6 & AJ 17 similar to the Retro 3 Cement Bag that was released in Black & White. This one will have the AJ 6 Sole and theTop is from the AJ 17.

- Jordan Sky High (Nike Blaser Model)

UPDATE 10.01

Some ISS'er:
Jordan 2 Retro/Jordan 21 (now a retro?)
Air Force Fusion V - 3M/green bean (look like the green bean 5s from last sept)

Jordan 7/Jordan 16 Retro
Air Force Fusion V - blk/caro blue (look like the blk/caro Vs from last August)

Jordan 6/Jordan 17 (don't expect a suitcase here)
Air Force Fusion V - wht/red/blk OG colorway with "23 stitched on the side" (looks identical to the ones from last christmas rls)

expect lots of tidbits... as well as Jordan XV SE.....and a surprise...

My Thoughts:
Jordan 23 doesn't look half bad......but then again, Im not saying it is half good..... I think its a compliment to the man and the shoe makes alot ofsense as a jordan 23. (yes Ive seen it in person).

This is a very strong Jordan Line-Up in my opinion....



Retro 1 Mid Premium for Grade-School Sizes only.... some nice color ways for boys and stupid skittle color ways for girls...


Chase Cheese (Member of Uptempoair):

The LIMITED XX3 shoe was really nice, a real Jordan shoe unlike the previous 2 releases. This is the pair that would drop in January or February 23rd. Theywill realease at 11:23 to the top 23 stores with only 23 pairs per store.


FLIPJAYS: Countdown Package Release Schedule 2008 (this is from what I know and canchange anytime)

January 2008 ************** 10/13
February 2008 ************* ?
March 2008 *************** 14/9
April 2008 **************** 21/2
May 2008 **************** 17/6
June 2008 **************** 16/7

Pack Combination Left


1/22 Already came out Alpha & Omega

From what I know and have seen the colors are White, Red, Black colorways on the packs (this can change as well). Notice that February has no countdown packagethis is probably because of the XX3 but there's a possibility that JB might do an online release for the another package. If the info that I received isTRUE then we can expect to see "SLAMDUNK PACKAGE" which means Jordan 2 & Jordan 3 put them together and you get "23".


Chase Cheese (Member of Uptempoair):

The XX3 was given and produced in great detail. If I remember correctly, the uppers were sewed by hand and that they looked really nice

UPDATE 10.12


Air Jordan XX3 Low colorways

Black/Metallic Gold

White/Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy

White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan Fusion 3 is something to look forward to next Fall. $145, 2 colorways so far.

UPDATE 10.24

theprocessofbelief :
Just got word on this today. I will edit with all details this evening, but the one that jumps out at me is the XX3 dropping from 279.99 to 229.99...


Here we go...these are Canadian releases , so anything you see should release. Summer 08 iscurrently being booked.

This is just retails. Cost is also being dropped in conjunction, for those who care.

Spring 08

Jordan XX3 - Was 279.99, Now 229.99

AJF12 - Was 219.99, Now 199.99

Flight 23 (2 colors)
Was 169.99, Now 149.99

Jordan CP3 - Was 169.99, Now 149.99 ( made my decision alot easier. )

Summer 08

3 colorways of the AJF5
(black/red, white/orange, white/red)
Was 219.99, Now 199.99

Jordan TGIM (2 colors)
- Was 169.99, Now 149.99

2 flight 23's colors, a CP3 and a XX3 all drop in summer 08.

I have colorways, but no pics...no scanner, and they aren't very good. and no, the XX3 slot has no image at all.

Countdown Packages

Well, I am so used to getting the shaft in Canada on decent releases, but looks like JB is making up for it.

I don't have exact dates, but months in which they will release. Again, these are NOT set in stone....if Nike Canada doesn't see enough orders, theyhave been known to drop it from Canadian release... but I think these should be pretty safe...

As you already know,

January - X and XIII - 399.99

March - IX and XIV - 399.99

Today I found out,

April - II and XX1 - 399.99

May - XVII and VI - 379.99 ( I thought this was a typo, but cost is also less.... so looks like this pack is 20 bucks less for some reason...)

June - XVI and VII - 399.99

Also, expect a new color of the XX3 in april (white/stealth-black), 2 XV SE's (blk/silver/red in June and white/silver/gold in April), CP (white/silver/red) in May, and the three Jordan AF1 Fusin V's to go a month apart starting in April. Plus, a bunch of team items.

UPDATE 11.06

01/25/2008 Jordan XX3 Limited
318474-151 White/Titanium-University Blue

01/19/2008 Countdown Pack
318539-991 Black/True Red-Dark Shadow and White/Black-True Red

heat23 : For my SWOOSH.com people. The countdown packs WILL be on SWOOSH.

UPDATE 11.13

blackiceblaze: (*Responses he recieved from Gentry)

...asked about the possibility of a slam dunk package. He said that there was one in the works, but it has currently been scrapped.

I asked if there was going to be a 8/15 countdown package and he said yes. I asked if there was ever a possibility of Nike Air on a Jordan, and he said herespects collectors, but theyre working with the idea in the countdown packages

UPDATE 12.02

na penny 89: have been getting tons of PM's latley this is what i know and what will happen in 08.

if the packs drop tommorow they will have nike air for 1 last time unless things go south in JB and they get thristy.

that means that carmines will have nike air but i heard that there is thoughts of going with white infared instead of the carmines
the OG IV color has yet been set in stone. i hope it is the white cement IVs since i just bought the black and red IVs over the summer. but who
can go wrong with nike air pairs ?the XI/XII package will be space jams/white reds. the hare 7's and black red 16's look good from what i saw.
every one thinks 08 will be the best year ever. TRUST this there will be only 3 must cop packs. 11's,VI's,7 packs. the thing i dont like is that therewas talks of chi town x's and playoff 13's but it was scrapped. 23's will be amazing.

UPDATE 12.13


i just got back from my local NIKETOWN and my homie let me peep the sku list/order list for JAN 08 and geah boi lookslike GUAM will be getting the packs(well i dont know about all of em "packs"..but theres a pretty good chance we are.. but the X/Xlll4sho) as also....this may be "who cares news" to some ofyall but its pretty big for peeps who's live outside of continental US..i mean come now i from GUAMthe place where its a 50/50 chance of getting retro J's/limited J's...so i hopei give some hope to some peeps who live outside the continental US.


Update for the 3rd Quarter 2008...

Countdown Package...

(July) 4 & 19
(August) 5 & 18
(Sept.) 1 & 22

All of these shoes will be regional colors/original colors

Whats left from the packs...

3 & 20
8 & 15
11 & 12

Yes they will release all of the Jordans 1 to 23 for the packs, the last 3 packs will come out 4th quarter of 2008 which is October, November and December. I will have more info to post but this is what I am allowed to post for now.

UPDATE 12.23

FLIPJAYS: (To view bigger pics of what's shown below, follow THIS LINK to page 93)

July 08

Countdown Pack 4 & 19

Jordan XX3 Low
White/Varsity Red-Black

Jordan XX3 Low
White/Midnight Navy-Metallic Silver

Jordan Flipsyde
Black/Dark Charcoal

Jordan Flipsyde
Hay/Dark Brown-Olive Green Pearl White

Air Jordan Fusion III
Flintgrey/Varsity Maize-Silver


August 08

Countdown Pack 5 & 18

Jordan Flipsyde
Black/Varsity Royal-White

Jordan Flipsyde
Light Graphite/Varisty Maize-Black

Jordan Olympian
Black/Gun Metal

Jordan Olympian
White/Metallic Gold Varisty Red

Jordan Olympian
White/Varisty Red-Black-Metallic Gold

Air Jordan Fusion III
Black/University Blue-Sunset


September 08

Countdown Pack 1 & 22

AJ XX3 Low
Black/Metallic Gold

Jordan Olympian
White/Light Graphite-Varsity Maize

Air Jordan Fusion III
White/Fire Red-Cement Grey Black



Those Fusion III colorways shown are for every EXCEPT the mall based national retailers...

Footlocker, Champs, Footaction and Finishline will get other colors, including the Black/Cement IIIs...

Coutdown colors:

4 - OG Black/Grey-Red
19 - OG Black/Red

5 - OG White/Black-Fire Red (with 23)
18 - Black/Red...just like Black/Royal OG colorway, but Royal turns to Red

1 - Black/White HI (yes, Hi...not Mid)
22 - Black/White



Canadian Heads:

I confirmed today that Nike Canada WILL be receiving:

IX/XIV pack

X/XIII pack

but looks like the II/XXI pack will not make it north of the border. Not enough retailer interest seems to be thecause.

All packs have the possibility to come to Canada, but if Nike doesn't see a demand at retailer level, they don't feelit is economically feasible to bring them in. So if there is a pack you feel may be on the fence, let your local shop know, so they know to put in an order.With enough orders, Nike will bring them in.

Hope to have more info on summer/fall footwear for you all, middle of next week.



Here's the official production numbers for the 1st Colorway XX3:

As we've all heard before, 23 doors will carry the shoes in the US.

I've confirmed there will only be 23 pairs per store. 529 pairs available total inthe US.

Here's the stitch:

There will also be another 529 pairs available for the rest of the world (outside of the US).

Total 1st Colorway XX3 Production Number = 1058 Pairs Worldwide

This makes it one of the rarest production numbers for an Air Jordan model. The Olympic VI in comparison were batched around3000 pairs. So unless you're camped out for these, you're going to have a hell of a time getting a pair.

Good luck with your tents.

01/25/2008 Air Jordan XX3
318474-151 White/Titanium-University Blue

UPDATE 1.6 (just a bit of what others know in regards to availability and"discounts")

tdog91184 wrote:

I was told the Fusions only go up to SIZE 13

False, We HAD the White/Black Fusions up to a 15, but not any longer.
Any word on if they made Countdowns in SIZE 14

Yes, we will have up to a 15. No word if there will be anything larger.


the rule is only 6 employees are allowed to use there discount on new brand release jordans that includes any jordans, butonly 6 people can get them and thats men sizes... my manager let them use it on the dmp and olnl, but only 6 people so i have no prob with that... other storesmay not go by that but at ours we do... playoffs only 6 people used there discount, and one person was from man alive.

d e beatup:

I saw that Brim included the above as an update, so I just wanted to add that that info is for Finish Line employees. As far asFTL, Inc. is concerned, I haven't heard of any corporate edicts as of yet, but these type of releases tend to have a regional or district mandate put down.In my district, at the most I would expect one employee sale per gender, i.e. if the store carries both the GS and Men's pack, one of each. That beingsaid, at release date on the OLNL, discounts weren't allowed within the first 2 weeks, and I wouldn't be surprised if that continues this time for thesimple fact that it's a high demand shoe and an employee discount is $93, a very high amount when you consider multiple employeetransactions.
If I find out anything for FTL employees, I'll post it, but I would assume it's a DM call ifit's not stated in the Tuesday or Thursday emails that week.


Quickstrike in May: Air Jordan VI (Black Based)

UPDATE 3.20:

Johnny Kilroy:

Holiday 2008:

1) Jordan Collezione 20/3 Pack - scheduled for October
Jordan 20
Black/Dark Charcoal/Black
Jordan 3 Retro
Black/Cement Grey/Varsity Red

2) Air Jordan 1 PHAT Low Premier
338145-061 - blk/v-red
338145-101 - wht/blk

3) Air Jordan XX3
Black/White/University Blue

4) Air Jordan Force "20" (there will also be a lowtop version of this)
??????-411 - navy blue colorway??

5) Jordan 2.5 Team will debut this season... (lookn ugly)

6) 8/15 Pack for November

7) 11/12 Pack for December

Jordan Brand is gonna need some peptobismol cause it will be crapping out a flood of jumpmans and wierd spizike look-a-like hybrids..

9) Dub-Zero/23 pack is not confirmed...yet.

UPDATE 3.22:

The Air Jordan III Footbal Cleat will release in 2 OG colorways in October-November
-White/Fire-Red-Cement Grey
-Black/Cement Grey-Varsity Red

(*Page 127)

OG Black III's
Black/Black Suede XX's (new color)

OG White VIII's
OG Black/Red XV's (these may change)

OG White/Black XII's
OG Black/White/Red XI's


Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you
XIII and a X? If the price and colors are right then it's a must have.
You ain't figure out what I'm about yet, always rockin that this ain't out yet.
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wow... :smh:

if this is true, i bet the packages would be +300 dollars...that comes with stupid messenger and tote bags lol :x
if this i true then that means..... XIV and VIII..... XIX and IV will release. i think they will go for $200-300
I think is just great, the idea has a good background to it
I would buy it if it was X and XIII
so i guess every "package" release is gonna run $250 + ???
but to be honest, if the colorways aren't some bo-bo, i'd be buying them individually any way.
thanks for the info but I feel attaq, stop with the packages already
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I loved all who were positive In the event of my Demise 2pac
man i getta feeling everyone is going to get what they want they puttin TO MANY releases in one time no one can afford all of this where i live :lol:
neither can i :rolleyes
, and thats a good thing all i need a couple bills :evil:
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Lets look at the possibilities...

22 and 1 (alpha & omega??)
21 and 2
20 and 3
19 and 4
18 and 5
17 and 6
16 and 7
15 and 8
14 and 9
13 and 10
12 and 11

i like the 12's & 11's and 17's & 6's :pimp:

IIIs + XXs? IVs + XIXs? |I

I better get some package with 5 pairs of IVs and 1 pair of IIIs or some @#%$, 'cause this isn't sounding too promising.

XIs + XIIs I'm straight with, and maybe as well as Xs + XIIIs... but that's it as a package.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
cant wait for sum pics to surface
peep the ebay auctions, seller id: Aint_I_Man

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great idea.

whole lot of money.

lets hope i land this job i am applying for today! :smile:


well BRIM said it so it must be solid.....

And just when i thought 08 was going to be good... this happens...

X +XIII in og colors .......sounds like a must have...

IX + XIV .. we'll see what colors they go with

VI + XVII ... instant cop

XI + XII .. well that sounds good...

come to think of these might now be so bad as long as they aren't new DTRT hypebeast colors.. and as long as they are not LS

this is going to be interesting
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it would be awesome if in the xiii+X package, the x's are the chicago colorway. I have a feeling it is. What other og colorway would they come out with that has meaning? And for the xiii's i think its the white/black/red too. This should be a pretty hot package. but not for 500.
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21 and 2
20 and 3
19 and 4
18 and 5
17 and 6
16 and 7
15 and 8
14 and 9
13 and 10
12 and 11

I would def. like to see some of those in a package with the right colorway.
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