UPS HELP!!!11!!

Joined Jan 24, 2007
i ordered from a website and they shipped out my item on may 22.

they said they shipped out my item and they gave me a tracking # from UPS.

the tracking # says it left NY to NJ and it left NJ.

The status was in Transition.

Now i just checked the tracking # and the part where it says where my item is is gone.

Also, the status changed back to Billing Information Received when that phase already passed.

WTH is going on?


Joined Jun 21, 2006
must be an expensive item for you to be this worried.

what's your address? i'll make sure i keep an eye out for it.
Joined May 28, 2003
It shipped friday, correct? If it's 2nd day then its not gonna show anything besides billing info received and maybe it leaving the destination. BecauseMonday is a holiday and no shipping you should receive it on the 27th on time. If it's ground or something it probably won't update til Tuesday, the26th because someone has to scan it to actually update.
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