What are your favorite meals that are healthy, but tasty?

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I'm about to grab lunch and I'm fiending some friend chicken and mashed potatoes 
, but I'm trying to live long and I'm willing to make a sacrifice. So I need ideas. 
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Originally Posted by thegame2006

not really as healthy as people think it is

Chicken/shrimp Stir Fry (brown rice>white rice)
Chicken Francese
Grilled sockeye salmon

most fast food options are not gonna be healthy. go grab ome cold cuts and cheese from your local deli or grocery store..you'll be spending way lesss and getting more (healthy) food
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Originally Posted by greatESQUEape

healthy meals aren't tasty.
 alright fatboy

my favorite healthy meal is pretty simple. slice up a few shallots and broccoli florets, cook them on a skillet with olive oil and minced garlic. let that thang cook, toss some salt and pepper up in it. crack 2 or 3 eggs on the side, scramble them in and add some rice. sometimes ill cook up a little chicken breast for some additional protein, and chomp an apple for desert. @+!+ just makes my body feel nice. 
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Broiled Salmon w/ Brown rice

Ground Turkey Taco Salad

3 bean vegi chili

Any type of grilled protein + black beans/brown rice

Baked Sweet Potato w/ Agave syrup

With the exception of the rice that can be made in advance and the Sweet Potato that usually bakes an hour @ 400 degrees, everything can be made in 10 minutes or less.

6 Rings G.O.A.T.

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Just finish cooking some turkey burger for dinner.. it was a pain.. my foreman grill ruined the patty.. by sticking to the grill.. it really piss me off.. dang grill destroy my 1st turkey patty.. and it almost rip apart my 2nd patty.. Now I'm on the hunt for a new George foreman grill. . I preferred a non stick grill.. if they created one..
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