what would be ur perfect package

A package of shoes that are true to the og, I wouldn't have to spend the night outside for them and cut this limited crap and that would be a perfect package for me.

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Mostly any color of 3-6 WITH NIKE AIR and SpaceJam 11 :D
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Realistically, it would be the SJ XI's and the Playoff XII's.
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Like this:

How I personally wish the DMP VIs looked, and 'lightning XIs'

I'd buy 196 packs.

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>White/Cement IV's
>White/Red VII's (Hares)
>Playoff XIII's
>Taxi XII's
>Black/Cement III's
>Infrared VI's (Black)
>Powder blue X's (Charlotte Hornets)
anything with either the 11, 12, or 13. you can mix and match them, i won't care but they all have to be MIDS
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Hmmmm id take 3s and 12s.....black cements and breds all day

I gotta shoe fettish I be in shoe city every week fifty pairs of new nike airs aint cheap..
Columbias (Done Right with icy blue sole) + Obsidians
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Cement IV's and either Concord XI's or Hare VII's
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^^ I agree with the xi's not the vi's
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if it was anything goes i would want

space jam XI's and true blue III's

more realistically i would say either

the rumored blk/cement III's and stealth XX's or
concord XI's and blk/wht XII mid's, i would say obsidian mids, but i have the lows and they are good enough for me if i get some blk/wht mids.

i remember reading they are all going to be og colorways, if that is indeed the case i'm sad; i want space jams or even cool grey XI's. i feel like breds are too common (even if most are probably fakes), and i feel like dmp's were close enough concords that releasing them now would be too close together, so i feel like we are going to get columbias and for some reason they don't float my boat. i'm only speculating, but i'm worried the the XI/XII pack, which could be the best by far imo, is going to be a let down.

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Since we're talking "Perfect Package" it would have to be:

Black/Cement III's w/Nike Air

Blk/Red XI don't care if resembles OG or Retro, they both look good.
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I think I may have just bought one of my dream package. I recently bought the playoff XIII's and XIV Indiglos.
23ska909red02, those DMP VIs is WHACK!
i'd cop for sure if JB release those.

but, XIs are ugly, especially how the artist cover up the clear sole.
i prefer clear icy sole.
and... THE ARTIST DID THAT ON AN OG?! mesh seems painted.

imo, i'd stick with concords. Holiest of holiests.
can't pick only 2...my pack has 3 shoes
bordaux VIIs
wht/cmnt or blk/cmnt IV
and "45" ed. concords

the 7s could also be replaced with the black/cmnt IIIs, and they would have to be made right! like how shoes where b4 2004 lol
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