Whats the best HDTV Sony Bravia?

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Looking into buying a new HDTV and I'm stuck between the new 2010 NX 700 AND 800? 
what do you guys think...
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Originally Posted by Simply Certified

samsung all day.
Samsung Screams HDTV, they're the only brand I'll #!+! with when it comes to HDTV, LCD, or anything TV related.
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Pioneer (expensive though)

Panasonic (next up / also affordable)

If you go Panasonic they have low, mid and high level HDTV's. So you got to still do your research.
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what i like about the nx800 is that it has a built in wi fi and there features are just great. but im still not convinced , i wanna see how this thing looks in person.
might go to sonystyle to see if they have it on display 
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the nx800 does have a ton of high-tech features and services, but there are a couple of tv's better in terms of picture quality.

also, it does have a glossy screen and is not a local dimming led backlight.

the only new sony tv with local led backlighting is the xbr-hx900.
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Samsung is the best HDTV, Sony parts are bought from the Samsung company...(I use to sell tv's at Circuit City before they closed) with sony your paying for the name and not really the quality of the tv. Samsung all day...
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is there any other HDTV that has built in wi fi. my router is to far to connect with an ethernet, plus all the input are taken up by other connections.
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