Why you up?

Joined Feb 22, 2007
smoked a blunt around 10, then went to get a burrito with a couple friends.

ended up just people watching in front of Qdoba for like 2 hours because it is between a few bars so we just watched drunk @$%%@ pass back and forth. \

Very entertaining
Joined Apr 14, 2006

Just finished watching my new favorite zombie movie, "Dead Set".

Read newest Bleach and Naruto mangas.

Reading the Magic vs. Cavs game 5 post in sports and training.

Julius F. Wrek
Joined Feb 7, 2008
didnt smoke all day so i couldnt fall asleep...just to my first hit so i should b done soon. Wish I could have made it though
Joined Apr 22, 2006
Just got back from playing poker. Angry about losing all my money because I didn't cash out when I should have.
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