Would You Care If Your Girl Wanted A Boob Job?

Feb 7, 2009
i personally think my girls ta ta's are fine but she wants to get a boob job but i'm like
at the same time. haha
*Waits for Cwrite78 to come in and ask you why you quoted yourself*

Sounds like your girl is insecuured, word to Kanye.
It's a personal decision for her, but props to you for saying they are fine and not shouting "OMG GET THE BIGGEST ONES EVA!"
i go by the "if its more than a handful than its too much" with breast

breast < booty
i'd tell her not to, and would appreciate it much if she didn't.

i mean at the end of the day, it is her decision.

but if she asks me, i'ma give my straight opinion on it.
Pics of her/her breast?

but i wouldnt like it... i like em all natural... but if she's payin for it and she really wants it then its her decision
haha really i guess in the pics her nose does look big but she doesnt have one for a middle eastern.
she could get it, no disrespect. she dont need one but if she thinks itll improve the quality of her life, then why not?
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