You get your girl of 4 years pregnant and this is how her mom talks to you, how do you react?

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We get along great a majority of time. We are both must stubborn and hardheaded and she doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong, so when we get in arguments, they can get pretty heated. It’s hard for me to back down when I think I’m right for how I feel.

My mother would never speak to anyone that way and if she did she would own up to it.

The thing is, she see’s where I’m coming from
And has been fighting with her mom due to this too, she has asked her mom to own up to it and try to resolve things and she won’t. I told girl that at this point I’ll give it a few months and then from
The advice of one of the posters in here, attempt to sit down with all three of us and resolve things.

I appreciate everyone’s input.
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How I look at it is this, her daughter made the decision to get her cheeks clapped. She got pregnant and she has to be an adult and deal with the repercussions from her family and friends. Although, it's easy that you can be pointed as the victim, the mom needs to realize her daughter was part of that decision. Your girl really needs to have a discussion with her mom.

You can try to work it out, but if she isn't being receptive towards you. Then all you need to do is focus on preparing to be the best Dad for your child and your girl (if you plan on keeping her in the picture).
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DAWG yall ALREADY going to counseling?????

how old are you? GET OUTTA that relationship yesterday.

start looking for a good job where u can afford to ball out as a single dad + afford child support.

thats your best hand available.
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Wait a minute...

OP, are you the same guy that had his borderline alcoholic girl yell at him over weed use?

If so, is this the same girl?
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more like when you inherit something and act as you worked for it. Similar to someone you idolize.
No need to discuss socialism in this thread.

OP I think u should stick it out with ole girl.
Y’all are at rock bottom now fight to the top of the mountain. U already made a bad decisions things can’t get much worse it’s only looking up from here
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you messed up. Sounds like your girl is a trash person and her mom is even worse. Should’ve just piihb and shoot up in that club instead of club coochie.
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For real

This girl I work with has straight up told me I can hit whenever I want, texts me like meet me upstairs in the bathroom.. but I just don’t like her and don’t want to spend any extra time with her than I have to :lol:

Plus she already has a child and just the thought of that had me shook
she must be ugly.
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No need to discuss socialism in this thread.

OP I think u should stick it out with ole girl.
Y’all are at rock bottom now fight to the top of the mountain. U already made a bad decisions things can’t get much worse it’s only looking up from here
If you honestly think this is rock bottom, you need to realize it will only get worse once the child is born. He is not even sure if it is his. OP needs to realize that the road he will venture is not in his favor and we have seen this example before.

However, if OP thinks he can calibrate and rekindle the broken ship before it sails then more power to him
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Next 18 and a half years bout to be ROUGH for u
Child support bout to kick yo ***
Cause I know y’all gonna break up
First thing out her mouth gonna be child support
Or her mom gonna make her
And judge gonna do u DIRTY
Trust me I know
I have 4 more months of child support left
I can’t wait
it is difficult to take this advice in modern terms when you write as if you are kicking 16 bars
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why is this written in poem format?
it is difficult to take this advice in modern terms when you write as if you are kicking 16 bars
youve stated this numerous times before
and twice in this thread
whats the point of asking
not to mention ive already explained why
when youve asked before
which lets me know ur just doing it for attention
which lets me know u have female tenancies

alchemist iq

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well for 1 she's just upset
usually how women/mothers are
also ur best friends wife or whatever shouldn't have messaged her anything
ur a grown man
no need to have someone else butt in on y'all relationship
that's usually what females do
dont be a female
i get it
u have friends they wanna stick up for u
but none should be calling ur girl saying anything
they should only be moral support for YOU
when u beefing with ur girl
like a ear to listen to
they should not be calling or texting ur significant other ANYTHING

and yes you are selfish
she upset with u
not the child
telling her u can't see the baby is just a form of control
people with kids love to say for some reason
just cause she mad at u
doesn't mean she would take it out on the kid
plenty of folks don't get along with their significant others parents
has nothing to do with the kid
in a way she right u are acting like a p***y

again i know its hard
but think how u would react if ur daughter had a kid
by someone u probably didn't like
u may be able to control ur emotions and all that
but not everyones the same
clearly its hard for her mom to do
so u gotta kinda see her point of view
maybe make more of an effort to show her
ur trying to be a good dude

all u can do is be the best father u can be
and let all that other dumb **** roll off ur back
its all about the kid now
once u have a kid all that other **** doesnt matter
ur feelings
things u want to do
all that
focus on preparing for the kid
focus on making the pregnancy as smooth as possible for ur baby moms
cause with all the stress of u and her mom beefing can effect her pregnancy
and she could have a miscarriage

real talk u should try and talk to the mom
if she upset
let her vent
let her yell
then be the bigger person
and let her know u gonna do everything u can do for this baby
and that ur gonna step up to the plate
she my listen
she may not
but at least u would let her know where u stand

Yo this **** ?
A few hooks and a dope beat, you be might onto something here.
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The good Lord gave you a pair of nuts. Let em hang.

The only way you and your girl will co-parent successfully is by keeping people (including yall mamas) out your business.

If the two of you can't do that it's gonna be 18 long years for you bruh.
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Seems like all your problems stem from her complaining to her mom about you and you complaining to your friends and mom about her.. Instead you guys should try to communicate with each other about each other instead of other people who get all in between your guys business
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