Your worst personal feelings?

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If any of ya have played in a team, which im sure many of us have/are, whats the most worst/sad/disappointed you have felt.

This past summer we played in a summer soccer league with a bunch of young people from basically all of Dallas. We ran through the league undefeated, never really had a challenge until we got to the championship game. Ill just tell ya how it ended.
I was about to kick the decisive penalty, hit it over the crossbar, they made theirs.

I did not say one single word for the rest of the day and I was feeling sad for like a week and a half.
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goddamn that sucks man

i was just gonna say getting cut when you feel you should have advanced was crappy but WHOA
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My worst personal feeling in a sport was back in a high school floor hockey tournament. We went 8-0 in the round robin, but then the teacher in charge rigged the tournament the rest of the way. We were the #1 seed and the teacher's team was the #8 seed (we had beaten them 9-1 in our round robin game). Instead of us facing them in the QFs, she had us face some next team we easily beat and the teachers faced some random seed. In the semi-finals, she had us face the #2 seed while the #8 seeded teachers faced the #5 seeded team. What made matters worse is that in our semi-final match, one of the teachers involved in the tournament was appointed referee of our game and called 3 penalties on our team (we hadn't been penalized the entire tournament) and we ended up losing 2-1.

The teachers ended up making the finals and winning but they shouldn't have even made it that far if the tournament followed normal procedure (#1 vs. #8, #2 vs. #7, etc). I was heated at the time but there was nothing we could do about it since the teachers made the schedule and refereed the games.

Another terrible feeling, once again back in high school playing soccer...the match was 0-0...the referee was standing around center circle, when one of the players on the other team crossed a ball that was already 1 meter out of bounds back into our box. The striker kicks the ball in (our goalie and the rest of the team stopped playing because the ball was clearly out of bounds) but the idiot referee who was too far away from the play awards the goal. I start swearing at the ref and get a yellow card and we lose 1-0. After the match the striker tells his friend on our team that he knew the ball was out of bounds but he celebrated to sell the goal to the ref

One more soccer story...we're playing in a local league in a championship game...we're up 1-0 with only a few minutes to go. They take a shot that goes inside the 6-yard box that the keeper saves. But wait...the referee blows the whistle and awards the goal. Players from both teams saw that the ball was about 2 feet away from crossing the line yet the ref says it was a goal. Luckily though we ended up winning on PKs
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nothing compared to yours but whenever i miss wide open layups in a pick up game..
especially when you miss 2 in a row..

ham city

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Little League baseball, spring of sixth grade, championship game, down by one run in the bottom of the 7th (the last inning), bases loaded, 3-2 count, my child hood friend is on the mound, I'm at the plate, GASSES a chest high fastball right by me. Game over, we loose, I struck out with the bases loaded. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Getting knocked out in the first round of playoffs as the 1 seed my sr year in football hurt pretty bad too. Nothing like four seamer though.
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my sophomore year of high school I had a football game during ramadan and as a result I played so horribly that I got benched in the 1st half
Getting benched = the worst feeling EVER...
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