ZOOM GENERATION LEBRON PICS (actual shoe)..here..

Mar 28, 2003
dgr81 will post them for me....hope you all enjoy! :wow:




Enjoy :smile:

Damn homie...in highschool you was the man homie...what the flip happened to you... - 50 Cent
wow thoes are terrible they kinda look like ugly hi top trunners
what is love?
love is paying $275 for $125 dollar shoes
love is talking about shoes on the internet
love is waiting out in line for J's at 6:30 in the morning
love is us.....

i think they will endup growin on me though

prediction for 2004 magic nba champs carlos boozer the double double king
From the front they look ok to me. But from all other angles they are horrible.
Beyonce is HOTT.

Its all about the money. :smile:
So this is his sig. shoe now? Well they might grow on me... :\

But they are pretty :x
maybe a different color will look better.
< Can't Wait!!

I don't think a single person on this board is going to argue that they are "Hot"....maybe some "decent" comments but no way will anyone claim them as hot. These are TERRIBLE imo.
they look better here than in the catalog pics. If they feel good, I could see me gettin them.

they remind me of the "Big Flyer" or something...I cant remember the name
I may be wrong, but I doubt it
WOW look at the heel on that thing. I can't see that wont irritate the crap of your Achilles tendon.

Prolly grow on me anyways.

Does anyone have any info about the comfort of the shoe? Any specifications on it?
whats with the taillight on the back???lol :lol:

im actually feelin them, except for the LEBRON across the tongue
I have to say i dont think they are that bad. Not great but ok. Ill have too see them in real life.
Yeah, they are better than the catalog pics, but not much.
And now...Deep Thoughts:
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i like em a bit more..........but where are the shox? thought lebrons kicks were gonna be shox and i do know that this isnt his official signature shoe.
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