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    Rumored Nike Air Jordan IV Retro "Black/Cement Grey" 2016

    Black cement 4s are definitely in my top 5 of all time. I just wore my 2012 a few days ago When these retro again I hope we don't get that ashy Larry upper with the cheap paint on the mid soles.
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    Jordan Retro 6 "Maroon" - Dec. 5, 2015 ($220)

    All this talk about CN, I thought I was in the general forum for a second :lol
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    Old Loves for a rainy day. I need to get a lens hood for days like this.
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    Official March 2016 WDYWT Thread vol. Beware the Ides of Pic quoting

    Old Loves for a rainy day. I need to get a lens hood for days like this.
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    Supreme x Air Jordan Retro V (White, Black, and Desert Camo)

    The only pair that I own is the camo, and it's my favorite of the 3 because of how easily I got them from ndc months ago. I haven't even tried them on yet. I really want the black pair, but I don't see anyone going less than $380 for them. Although I've seen a white pair go for as low as $299...
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    Jordan retro 2 Chicago low summer 2016

    I need these. I love the Jordan 2 :smokin
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    Is Starbucks a Daily Thot Checkpoint?

    :lol ladies love Starbucks. The ones near or on college campuses are usually FULL of good looking ones.
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. * S7 Premieres May27

    who's that in your avy though?
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    Good looking out on that Kimmel clip
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    Sneaker Youtube Channels?

    I see this thread doesn't get much love. I just made my own YouTube channel for sneakers yesterday. I'd appreciate any support from my NT fam :smokin
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    The Flash (CW Series) thread, season 8

    I think it's Jay from another earth. It's crazy that Zoom was a different version of him. I didn't know Zoom's backstory from the comics, but I do remember Hunter Zolomon from the bench on earth 1 a few episodes back.
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