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    Video of awesomeness

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    If you out somewhere with your girl and she gets jumped, do you jump in?

    I seen the scenario in the mall once when I was younger. Duke startedoff slinging the chicks then just decided to pin two of them against a wall.
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    Official girls with natural beauty post.

    this that even a chick OP posted?
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    Proof That Police Brutality, Racial Profiling And Unfair Treatment Is A Myth

    this is exactly the reason I'm unsympathetic when bad things happen to cops
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    LIGHT SKIN VS. DARK SKIN (Mods delete if inappropriate)

    where can I find this video?
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    TRUCKERS!!! Cali and Prancer on uStream... vol. keep it clean

    don't waste your time, nothing special
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    WWE RAW is SHAQ 7.27.2009

    Damn, dukes music was
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