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    Eminem : Revival

    The hooks are trash. Wish the album came out with just the verses.
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    Eminem : Revival

    People are wild calling this trash. What because you can't dance to it? Listen to the songs and the lyrics. The dichotomy between white and black is not only reflected in the lyrics but the actual music.
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    **Eminem "Southpaw Soundtrack" July 24th 2015 "Kings Never Die" Out Now

    I don't get this... MMLP2 - Bad Guy So Much Better Legacy Stronger Than I Was Headlights Evil Twin All songs with pretty straightforward themes or stories...
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    Eminem - SHADYXV - Dropping this Black Friday.

    If Eminem is not thread-worthy, then all the trash that floods the front page of NT music forum is most certainly not either.
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    Eminem - SHADYXV - Dropping this Black Friday.

    Guts over Fear is fire. Definitely feeling like Beautiful Pain Pt. 2. NT's opinion on music is always so different from mine, but I guess that's what music is all about. I just can't fathom how people can claim that he was "offbeat" on songs or that he's trash lyrically. Dude is probably still...
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    Is Kanye a top 10 rapper of all-time?

    It's the exact opposite. The people that listen to a multitude of genres are the ones that recognize Yeezus for what it is, Kanye's failed attempt at delving into other genres. It's jarring, boring and a completely misguided effort to be avant garde, when in fact it's just trash.
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    what rappers had the biggest buzz at any one time , top 10 .... vol. eminem , 50 cent , lil wayne ,

    The top 3 are clearly Em, Snoop, and 50. How this is even debatable is baffling to me. These guys had buzz not just hip hop fans, but middle/white america and were able to create the same buzz internationally. 
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    The Old PlayStation Thread | *NEW THREAD IS UP*

    Well given the fact that most of these dudes on here are really young, and the last time there was a console launch was 2006 might have something to do with that.
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    ***Official Eminem Thread New Album Announced TBA***

    Album gets better with more spins IMO.
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    Four dead in East Williamsburg; gunman shot self on roof after killing three others: NYPD

    Stop and frisk is a disgusting policy that disproportionally targets men of color and perpetuates covert forms of racism that are supposed to be non-existent since we live in a post-racial society.  One of the problems here is gun control. 
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    ***Official Eminem Thread New Album Announced TBA***

    That's pretty crazy when you think of all the people Rick's worked with throughout the years.
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    Post Your Unpopular Music Opinions

     NT man. What can I say? It's the generation gap. 
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    ***Official Eminem Thread New Album Announced TBA***

    It doesn't matter either way. He's making more money off of this album than I'll see in my lifetime so.  But yeah man 8 albums...Overkill.
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    ***Official Eminem Thread New Album Announced TBA***

    Not a singe person posting is saying anything of the sort. Stop trying to stir the pot man. No one's forcing you to be part of the conversation...  
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