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    Old days of NT....

    After the passing of a friend who was formally on here I decided to log back in. Read some of old ridiculous stuff we used to post on here for some laughs. Anybody still left from from 2001 on Niketalk?
  2. seattle206

    NDS: Air Jordan IV "Mars" Fire-Red '06 sz 10.5

    Sold to dguge13. Will ship out tomorrow via USPS Priority. Thank you.
  3. seattle206

    NDS: Air Jordan IV "Mars" Fire-Red '06 sz 10.5

    Used Air Jordan IV "Mars" Fire-Red 2006 Retro in size 10.5. Purchased brand new from LV Niketown. Comes with original box + retro card. Great condition minus a little bit of paint cracks on inner mid-sole(been there for years and hasn't developed any more) Paypal only, no trades. $120 shipped...
  4. seattle206

    NDS: Air Jordan VII "Raptor" 02' Retro sz. 10

    Used but in great condition 2002 Raptor VII retro's in sz. 10. Purchased brand new at Foot Action in 2002. Comes with original box + Retro card. Worn but still in excellent shape for 10 year old Nike's! $110 FIRM shipped via USPS. PayPal only, no trades.
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    Air Jordan XX Wht/Blk sz. 10 ORIGINAL 2005 Release

    I can do $110 shipped.
  6. seattle206

    FS: Air Jordan Military IV Retro 2006 Release NDS sz 10.5

    Air Jordan IV Military 2006 Retro, USED NDS(Look at pics), Overall great condition minus the minor cracking of paint on inner sides(Poor Nike quality for yah), comes with original box+retro card. Purchased brand new from the Portland Nike ES. Will ship USPS priority. PayPal only. $130 shipped.
  7. seattle206

    Maintenance on BMW 3 series?

    If you can find an E46 M3 with a good maintenance history I'd shoot for that instead. Just be sure to stay away from SMG because it is just too complicated with it's hydraulic and pump system. If something goes bad, you will have to shell out more $$ for repairs opposed with the standard...
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    Air Jordan XX Wht/Blk sz. 10 ORIGINAL 2005 Release

    Air Jordan XX White/Black Original. Size: US10 mens Condition: VNDS/Great condition. No creases/scuffs/etc... Description. Purchased brand new at Niketown Seattle in 2005. Will come with original box, card, and mesh sack. PayPal only. All sales final. Will Ship UPS ground w/ tracking #...
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    FS: Air Jordan V Retro LS 2006 UNDFTD sz. 10 NDS

    Air Jordan V Retro LS in UNDFTD color scheme Price: $140 Shipped Size: US10 Condition: NDS/Great condition Accessories: Comes with original box Description: Purchased brand new in 2006 from Niketown Seattle. PayPal only. All sales final. Will ship UPS ground w/ tracking # provided.
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    NT's LEGAL Gun Thread UPDATE...First Youtube Firearm Review Page 61

    Been almost a couple years since I contributed to this thread. BTW, this new NT sucks! I hate this layout, too much crap to navigate through. Two new additions to the Family: Savage 11/111 in .338 Lapua Magnum Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308 Both currently on TPS rings, Harris...
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    My Weekend Trip to Seattle, WA (100 x PICS RE-UPPED!) 5/18-5/20

    Great pics! Glad you enjoyed Seattle. If you want to see blacks you aren't going to find too many locals in the areas you visited. You drive east of Chinatown over towards the central district and then south to MLK, Rainier, Rainier Beach to really experience Seattle's diverse but segregated...
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    Just got 5k bonus what should i invest or blow it in?

    Make it rain Kevin!
  13. seattle206

    Just got 5k bonus what should i invest or blow it in?

    Make it rain Kevin!
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