Air Jordan III: Black – Purple – Green aka Joker

Joined Dec 28, 2012
Got my pair from Champs today very happy with my pair although they had very strong glue smell
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Those are still online and in HoH. His picture doesn't show the weird sort of discoloration there is in certain parts of the shoe. But who knows, it might be a sought after years later since it has black.


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Im TERRIBLY fascinated with this 3M elephant print! i wish mines had 3M!!! can someone elaborate on this? if you got a pair? its kinda like a big deal lol..

I got the jokers and the crimsons, I love both and im usually one who would only cop OG colorways.. theyre unique in materials and color for an air jordan 3 but for the most part I feel are executed very well.. the crimsons are the closest I may ever get to a black/fire red 3 which ive always thought would be dope. while the allstars/jokers/hulks/barneys/blacklights/purplekush/etc are just cool..
i still dunno if it's an error or one of a kind , all my friends don't have 3m on theirs.
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With black laces in them, these are pretty sweet. There have been FAR WORSE iiis than these (dtrt, pure $, black cat).
Joined Feb 6, 2013
these are def. growing on me. the green kinda pops, the 3m is cool and the all black upper contrasting with the purple are nice. ...might have to find a 9.5 soon..
Joined Dec 22, 2012
Not 3s. but i just purchased joker cp3s. I buy what i like and think they look sick in the pictures. hopefully they look the same when i get them
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they are called the Joker's because they are a joke.. Jordan can put out any shoe he wants, look at history....
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