Album Covers That Remind You Of Your Childhood.

Joined Mar 28, 2004
hmmm before I  got my first cd player I used to buy all my cassettes from the bootleg man in front of Walgreens

but this is one I remember stealing out  of someones backpack in the coat closet in like 4th grade

this one, I was so shocked at what I was hearing

this one, on Christmas day, I left the cassette player on top of the car, and my mom stopped and went into the middle of the street to get it for me

Joined Aug 20, 2003

born in '86.. Snoops Doggystyle was my first ever rap ANYTHING lol even tho Pops played Cube & Domino
a lot... Doggystyle was MINE. Summer of 1st grade to 2nd Grade... CHANGED MY LIFE hahaha I been hooked on Hip Hop Since
Joined Jun 29, 2002
Gotta Co-sign Flesh Of My Flesh Blood of My Blood and Guerilla Warfare. Those were the first cd's I ever bought in the post No Limit era. First CD I ever bought was Ghetto D. Then i'll never forget I went to the store to cop X's first album and I see Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood. I'm thinking %#@ is this? Because it just seemed like X just came into the game and then you see he already has a sophomore out. Good memories.
Joined Dec 9, 2009

Anyone remember TQ

Shell Shocked is

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