Best Shoe in Sir Charles Series

Joined Mar 5, 2009
Wanted to see what the masses think is the best shoe out of the Charles Barkley line. I would have to go with the Nike Air Max 2 CB94 hands down. What do youthink?
Joined Mar 20, 2005

But one of my fav's of all-time (and more popular with the Fab 5 than with Sir Charles when he rocked these vs Mike in the Finals)....

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Originally Posted by CharmCityKid

these are the only barkleys that matter, imo.

u kno as fresh as those are in that pic, thy're not even in my top 3 Barks...goes to show how deep the line truly is
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Originally Posted by ucasta

word! this model is the best and they completely disregarded the og cw's with the retro's.....

would love to see any of the these cw's come out...c'mon nike....stop uffking @#$! up!!!!

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