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Summer semester starts mon for me and so does gen chem. I SUCK at math ,and i am very nerous about this course. Anyone with advice,tips or help period?
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doesn't matter if you suck at math, understand the concepts first. stay on task, go to class, read the textbook thoroughly if that's what it takes youto understand the material.
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yea I was too lazy to take chem is it your only class, if so you will need to put 1.5 -2 hours of studying for every credit hour per week no joke you will getan a.. If only I had followed that rule i coulda got an a
and got a b-


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Yall aren't even trying to read ahead

read the chapter, try, attempt the study questions at the back

Google the terminology
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Chemistry was fun when I took it in college.
It helped that my teacher was a hot 28 year old chick.
She was cool, even showed us he Halloween pics of her as Marilyn Monroe but I digress.

Chemistry is easy as long as you pay attention and has a good grasp of remedial math.
If you think Chemistry is hard, wait til you experience Physics.
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If you're taking Gen. Chem 1, then the only thing you really need to have a good understanding of is how to convert from A-->B-->C...word toStoichoimetry (sp)...

With that said, know that the conversion always has to follow this path...

grams of A ----> moles of A

and from that, you can establish a relationship where

moles of A -----> moles of B

from which you can get...

moles of B -----> grams of B

SO really, all you need to remember is that: grams of A ----> moles of A -----> moles of B -----> grams of B

This is the fundamental concept of Gen Chem 1.

Now as for Gen chem 2...

I don't

Start sweating when you reach organic...I skipped the whole chapter on Spectroscopy...needless to say, that's the point at which i became sure that Iwasn't going to be a
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I'm gonna be taking Chemistry and Microbiology over the summer.

Just like I did with anatomy, I'll be studying as much as I can.
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Originally Posted by FLiP SeNsAyShUn

I'm gonna be taking Chemistry and Microbiology over the summer.

Just like I did with anatomy, I'll be studying as much as I can.
I have chemistry, did i spell it right this time! Also mircro and anatomy the only good thing about this is i am not working right now.


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I took this class and got an 85% for the semester...Your gonna begin with some conversion type of stuff, ex: 2.05 moles of Al into molecules of Al. Masterthese things...because they are very basis things, and your going to need this skill throughout the whole semester. If you have any specific questions...youcan PM me. Just make sure you attend every class, and if you don't understand something...don't put it your books/ask the teacher beforeyour next class.
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It's not so much the math that is difficult. Rather, it's getting the formulas and conversions done in the correct order. Once you get that down youcan pretty much breeze through any problem. Or BS it for half credit.
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