Drive By shooting. vol. I would of used my light saber.


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Has anybody ever witnessed a drive by shooting or any deadly shooting period?

Share your story.
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once i heard those cars start i knew it was all bad from there
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psoted like years ago, and it is CLEARLY fake.

The reporter trying to come up with a story to make it appear real

Originally Posted by SneakerHead401

Originally Posted by Across 110th st

the getaway car had a right side steering wheel?
European accents so very likely

European accent?

that is Australian, he is clearly talking about Melbourne

black jesus

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fake but i did

edit: *pours out malt liquor for "OnTheMove13"* r.i.p. to that name bro 
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this one dude that went to my school got shot by a drive by shooting around 3pm like 3-4 years ago in front my house.
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I came close to seeing one. Me an the homies were drinking at my pad. Dipped out to cop some food and came back to like 7 cop cars at my neighbors house accross the street. Turns out somebody drove up seconds after we dipped and fired off a clip at dude. Luckily he only got hit on the shoulder though.

Some dude got shot 3 times Saturday night and they dropped his body off down the street from my house. His blood was flowin down the street since it was raining.
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I've seen a dude get capped in front of a bar. I was across the street at another bar, heard some shots and dude fell. The cops came about 5min later taped up the whole scene. Most folks had to stay, most likely for being potential witnesses. I didn't know what happened, nor even see either dude's faces so i dipped. I must be desensitized because it wasn't even close to traumatizing for me to witness that.
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I saw one... Summertime backyard BBQ i was at about 7 years ago.Son didnt have a chance
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