Earthquake in Cali

Joined Jan 31, 2003
Felt it here in Pasadena...been having a feeling for the last few days we were about to have one
Joined Mar 28, 2007
Felt it here in central LA/K-Town...It wasn't big...but shook the whole house/has everyone up!!...been waiting for an earthquake for a cool minute now...
Joined Jul 11, 2006
4.4? Chile says y'all are soft. Wake me when San Fran separates from the mainland.
Joined Dec 25, 2007
Last time there was a quake my dresser fell on me

I had woke up just before it started shaking and went and braced my tv to make sure it ain't fall and stayed clear of my dresser.
Joined May 24, 2002
felt it in rowland heights, it was crazy i was in the ktichen getting the water ready to make my ramen, than all of a sudden i felt like an earthquake was about to happen, but i was HIGH AS %*@! so i wasnt sure if it was my head $*@@*+! with me or not, then i saw the house started to SHAKE! and thought to myself, oh +*@+ is this the big one oh +*@+, the funny thing was i contemplated running upstairs to get my cheddah than it started shaking harder i was like %*@! THIS IM OUT and ran out with the QUICKNESS.
Joined Dec 9, 2008
Damn quake woke me up!!!! Thought I was dreaming and heard my pops yelling! Scared the S$$$ right out of me. Can't sleep no more lol
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