February's Jordan Brand News - Updated Feb. 28th

Whoa those black xx's are amazing and the reg's WHOA :pimp:
Dub-Zero= ok but way too much hype
Nas is the best
No one else
It's always nice to see a Meth thread. Those Black XX"s look surprisingly good, I'm feelin the gray. The Midwest version is intriguing, although at $175 it'll be damn hard to persuade myself to get more than one pair of any XX's. Finally, those XX lows are absolutely, amazingly, unbelievably hideous beyond belief. They really give "GENERIC" a bad name, i mean even "Walgreens" brand toothpaste isnt that far off "Crest" geez...........................out

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CHI-TOWN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"They tell me "A, you work too much, your life is so borin/I Tell em i know, but its worth it when I open that closet full of Jordans"-ARog
150 for DubZeros...wow thats alot..theyre team jordans right?

blacks look best out of all..im not sure if ill cop
Forget what it cost
No, that doesn't make much sense, either. Even if you could get the duck to hold a pen, I seriously doubt it'd be able to draw straight lines.

ROFL! Thanks for the distilled version of the forum, another great post Method Man. I'm loving the XX's (both white and black, but not the regionals), but those lows are HIDEOUS! The white/black/blue dub zeros are growing on me . . .

Anyone looking for tickets to SMACKDOWN in Baltimore next Monday? Cheap tickets!
thx for finally making the feb brand news!

i really appreciate orderly reviews of the month...
BULLS IN 06!!! Reppin CHI Town

Theres another 4k written off for kicks this year. I need a better Job :rolleyes
Wanted: sz 9-10 NYC; air trainer III viotech, XIII Wheats, Oly AF1 & Oly dunks

NY Sneaker Trade Show
Comming Soon
PM Me for Details!!!!
- No, I seriously doubt it. There are child labor laws prohibiting that.
Was it made by a four year old?


Believe you me, I know all about losses.
The black XXs look worth buying, the subtle laserin gand the non patent strap looks a lot better then the other models especially the regionals.

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where are you guys gettin them so early from how do you get the sneak peek at em are in guys in other countries are what
Thanks for the info. Those XIV's are fire. Not sure about the XIII lows and Linen X's.
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