For anyone who liked Requiem for a dream or the fountain..

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The director of these two movies has a new movie coming out starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  I think i read somewhere that this is the movie where they have a sex scene. its not gonna be out until late 2010. i love disturbing thought provoking movies. so i cant wait for this.
A review from someone at imdb.
"A ballet thriller" is the stupidest thing you can say regarding thismovie. I read the script and it is crazy, scary and *beep* up. The sexscene is not gratuitous and hardly enjoyable (as a read it wasn't, butI'm sure Portman+Kunis will make me eat these words), the story isextremely psychological and twisted, I couldn’t see this scripttranslated to the big screen by someone other than David Lynch orAronofksy himself. It is creepy and unsettling, and there are nojump-in-your-seat moments, everything is set up and there is a pointwhen you can’t tell reality from dream (nightmare???). I don’t know ifI liked it, because I certainly did not enjoy it. But despite whatevermy reaction, the story is good, the script is good, and with Aronofskyand Portman I can guarantee the movie will be good, excellent actually.I don’t think it will be enjoyable, or fun, but it will be (is)disturbing, dark and very scary. The ending is not a clear resolution,it is the culmination of the *beep* up-ness of the whole story, it isnot happy, but it couldn’t have ended any other way. God, I reallyloved it and the lead character Nina Sayers (Portman) wasn’t likeableat all, but then again, that’s how it’s meant to be. She remindedsomewhat to Drag Me To Hell’s Christine, just the character NOT THESTORY."


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Requiem was so trippy, but I loved it. I'm going to be looking out for this new movie.
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Originally Posted by DubA169

no love for the wrestler and pi?
Havent seen Pi, but I love the Wrestler. Also Requiem, not so much the Fountain.

But I read in an interview with Portman that the scene doesnt show much, if anything
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well the wrestler wast really trippy or disturbing. and pi is nowhere close to Requiem and the fountain
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pi is incredible

the fountain gets better every time, but it's my least favorite from him. there were serious production problems though so i give him a break.
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