Griffey 1 Vs. Griffey 2...

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Originally Posted by SinnerP

Originally Posted by heelntoe wit my nyks

This man speaks the truth.  The end-all Griffey is the blk/emerald Griffey 1.
You know it.  The white midsole would be the icing-on-the-cake for me...
I'm gonna post these any chance I get
... cuz hopefully, someone from Nike is watching
The G word......

I swear if they flip a retro (technically retro +) of the blk/emerald w/wht midsole I'm going to blow a tonsil.
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I love both the 1s and 2s, but the AGM1s are the best.
Still on the prowl for a pair of black/emerald 1s in a size 9...
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Originally Posted by Shaq DIESEL 34

I like the Griffey 2 better than the 1s. The 1s are bulky.
Not really.  I think most people feel the 1 is bulky mainly because of its big midsole, but the 2 also has a pretty chunky midsole as well.  If anything, the strap on the 1 might make it slightly bigger, but not by much IMO.  All-in-all, sizewise, I think both are quite similar. 
Originally Posted by heelntoe wit my nyks

I swear if they flip a retro (technically retro +) of the blk/emerald w/wht midsole I'm going to blow a tonsil.
I swear if they flip a retro (technically retro +) of the blk/emerald w/wht midsole I'm going to blow an O-ring.

Originally Posted by ninjahood

one things for sure though, nike dropped da ball on da III's by not making em durabuck like da first 2.....

hell griffey was even rockin a PE cleat pair that was durabuck.
retro these in durabuck nike
YES.  I remember back in the day when I was looking at the GR and was wondering "something looks off", but I couldn't figure out what it was.  It was Durabuck!  It was the deal-breaker for me.  I had gotten the 1's and 2's, but backed out on the 3's because of the material. 
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Griffey Max 1......28 Votes.

Griffey Max 2......22 Votes.

Ninjahood & Purple Sneaks voted a tie.

Damn....those Emerald 1s with the white midsole are
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Damn if nike doesnt retro those emerald 1s i may just have to wait til i beat up my 1st pair of freshwater & make them into emeralds
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Dag, howd i skip over this thread??? I just made a thread about the Emerald Griffey 1's n didnt see this at all. O well, im goin wit the GM1's but by a slim margin.
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griffey 2's but only because of the colorway, that black emerald is so fire, if they were to release the grif 1 in the black emerald it would be them hands down over any griffey shoe.
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2 easy. they were my 1st pair of Griffeys. one of a few shoes I may double up on when they retro
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