habitual liers

Joined Mar 21, 2004
you know what im talking about it drives me crazy when i have to deal with a person like this...you know the type of person thats lies and actually believes intheir lies.
Joined Jan 4, 2009
I know the EXACT the type of person youre talking about.

After a while its just sickening to hear them speak.
Joined Sep 23, 2005
man, i know people that lie on some silly shhh like:

"i ate 7 sticks of gum during that game."
"no you didn't... i was next to you the entire game.. you didn't even have gum, i gave you 1 stick."
"BS, why you gotta lie for? why you hatin?"

i lie to myself all the time in for form of procrastination. "oh, i'll just do that later tonight." mannnn, i know damn well im not gonna do it
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Taking Dane Cook's line but my girl went "I just took a 100 hour nap like no $@#!@!@ way why you gotta say that?
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Originally Posted by emmanuelabor


just thought I'd help

word but OP i know how u feel that #%$@ gets to me......the worst part is when u start arguing and you know that they're lying
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Originally Posted by JayADiCt92

"i ate 7 sticks of gum during that game."
"no you didn't... i was next to you the entire game.. you didn't even have gum, i gave you 1 stick."
"BS, why you gotta lie for? why you hatin?"

Lyin about dumb %*@@ that doesnte even matter
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Had a friend I distance myself away from b/c dude would create the most asinine story that always contradicted a previous lie.
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One of my good friends used to be/still is like that....
Needless to say, we aren't as good of friends any more & that is one of the reasons.
SOO annoying

And people that are willing to do that, likely have other character issues/flaws that are nearly as bad
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i know a dude like that

dude told me he got shot tryin to strong arm rob some dude

i was like were you get hit he said in the leg he showed me

come to find out this fool happen to be out side during a shoot out and caught one in the leg *+$*+ had nothing to do with it
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My dude I grew up with is like that....he averages 4.4 lies a day. Most of the time I ignore him but every once in a while I just lose it and tell him he needsto stop with the BS lol. I just wish he'd stop lying so much
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It seems like I come across are a lot of people that are liars. I knew kids growing up that would lie about the most rediculous things so that it would seemlike they were cool, but that was in middle school and i didn't think adults were going to be like that too.

I hate dealing with people that lie or are deceptive all of the time. My advice to any dude dating a girl that he notices to be a liar or deceptive is to runin the opposite direction!
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I don't really believe a lot of what people say.
I don't like when people tell stories that are fabricated. Like you're better off not telling me if you're going to lie.
Joined Nov 4, 2007
yea i hate this lol ... this girl told me she won prom queen in HS when her school didnt eem have a prom queen nor king or even a prom court for that matter (ikno there isnt a prom court but im jus sayin)
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