heyson's burden... i really hate your +#+#$*% guts you dirty !%*%! updated with more pics

Joined Sep 21, 2004
This *+@@% of an addiction has been my burden for long enough. You took all of my money, and along with that you stole my integrity. I'm through with yousneakers. I hate your %@%*%$% guts. I'm tired of coming home from a hard day's work at the office, and seeing your face. You take up all my space, andyou live off of my earnings for what? Wait until you see my new *+@@% man... she's a bad one.

I got tired, and stopped pulling these things out 3/4's the way through. I will show them all out of the box later with an update. All these$*#+@+*$+#%!# are for sale... I hate them, so if anyone is interested just let me know.
Joined Sep 21, 2004
I already sold a grip of shoes this past year, and some were left out because I got lazy. I really want to get rid of all of them except about 4-8 of them.I hate you sneakers.

Joined Mar 21, 2005
Really all you need to do is buy some shelving.

A - Frees up LOTS of space
B - Makes grabbing the shoe you want easy
C - Looks much better

I'm size 11 so.....
Joined Sep 21, 2004
I hear you abernja but I am really tired of sneakers... it sadens me to let some go, but I could really do something with the money.

man this post is making me rethink a lot lol but I need to kick this $*!$% to the curb
Joined Apr 18, 2007
Man, you got alot of good stuff. I'll take some off your hands if you take paypal. Just Pm me.
Joined Oct 8, 2006
I understand your frustration but damn just selling them like that, lol. Oh well I guess cash > Kicks.
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