How yallll doing?

Oct 27, 2005
Where my team PacNW at? yall still alive? :smokin
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Team Pacific Northwest

I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand.​
chillen man, chillen
Team Pacific Northwest​
My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.​
ptrakarn23, can I borrow that sig? This Joker Gang @#%$ is getting childish. Been meaning to drop it for a good couple months ago.


Doing good by the way. Chillin', as others have said.

Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
"Starting tonight, people will die. Im a man of my word. HaHAhAHahAHAhA."​
What is Team Pacific Northwest anyways?? What makes you a team??

Chillin chillin as always.
that ganja like everyone else in the 206.
estoy aquiiiii

i'm going down to federal way commons today to do a phone deal from CL. i've never been there but people tell me it's ghetto as hell. i thinksouthcenter/northgate are ghetto, but they tell me those are state-of-the-art compared to FWC. i'm just too spoiled by bell sq. i guess.
I am top notch, just moved into a new crib I am loving and going shopping for furniture today so life is good. Hawks loss was hard to take but I am a man, andI will live.

p.s. Bell Sq sucks Yama.
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^hey that's the regular pace here on PNW. don't mess it up now by replying too quick.

Seriously, we need to give this forum a boost of some sort.
Originally Posted by BIG FAME ONE

p.s. Bell Sq sucks Yama.

i actually agree, but apparently most people don't. i do all my shopping at boutiques and online stores anyway, i don't think a mall would ever fitmy needs, especially one as "tacky" as bell square.
im goooooood. Mary Jane is around most of the time. School is on point and its cold outside. PNW needs to come up
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