I met Scottie Pippen tonight. We got beef. (Pics up. Page 1)

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Well not really...but tonight was strange as hell.

My frat bro is a manager for the ICE Lounge here in Indianapolis...so we're in there telling chicks to come through. Slow Sunday. I hit up this girl Amber I used to talk to and chill with from time to time and her friend from San Diego was in town this weekend. We supposed to be on some 2 on 2 stuff in the club basically.

Scottie Pippen is in Indy and comes through...so random.
Son was in there with some wide leg Jordanesque jeans, a leather jacket, and a trucker hat.
Pip was groping on EVERY decent looking chick in there...rubbing on their legs, all in their ear, buying them drinks...full beast mode. And of course he had his token White girl that would come around every so often to update where she was going to be...like he cared...while he's feeling down chicks in front of her face too.

Ol' girl that me and my bro invited through were probably the 2 most kept together females in there with lil' skirts on. Welp, this @!%%! Pip was on them TOUGH...at the same time.
Everytime I walked away from Amber, Pip all in her face...with her looking past Pip at me like..."Do something." What the $$+# am I supposed to do?
I started lurking around them and Pip would walk away to molest other broads. Amber would pull me back over hugging me and %*@% like..."I'm not trying to talk to his old !$#." Pip in the background mugging me and her waiting for me to walk off so he can be back at it again. My dudes kept walking up to me like, "Yo. This @!%%! Pip is mugging the %*@% out of you right now."

But she was still entertaining Pip trying to trick off him for Final Four tickets tomorrow. Of course he offered to take her. This cycle happened about 4-5 times. I'd walk away. Pip comes. He'd eventually walk off. Amber calls me over.

My boy Juan was in there cracking jokes...said Pip was walking around looking like a sex offender.
I started mocking his walk and everyone starting crackin' up. I'm sure Pip saw me because he glared at me for a second. Amber walked back over to Pip and they started talking again so I said $$+# it. My phone died and I was ready to leave. Before I left, I walked over to Amber, who was sitting with Pip with his arm wrapped around her, and told her I was leaving. She was like "Nooo. Whyyy?"
Pip next to her mugging me. Eventually, I said what's up to dude, shook his hand...and I sure did think he was going to leave me hanging, and told them 2 to have fun out of pure sarcasm.

She started blowing up my phone after I left saying she was sorry or whatever but hey...do what you got to do. Get your groupie on and cop those tickets to the game.


-Went to my boy's nighclub.
-Invited 2 females to hang with for me and my boy.
-Pippen shows up and is beasting on every decent chick in the club.
-Pippen puts ALL of his attention on the 2 chicks me and my boy were supposed to hang with.
-Spent half the night with Pippen mugging me and waiting for me to walk away from ol' girl.
-Shook his hand and told them 2 to have fun.
-Pippen won.

I'm sure pics will be up tomorrow. Some lady was taking pictures.

Oh look who shows up...

Bonus MASS

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And these are the 2 chicks he was on...that we were supposed to be on...

The 2 on the left
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Shame on all of you that posted before me.

Pics of Amber
EDIT: He delivered before i got to post
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is dude still broke? How you gon let that bum take your jump for the night?
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saw this on your fb status. chick was aight looking. Aint gonna blow up your friend's fb. let the other beasts do that.
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Originally Posted by jgalan713

Cool Story Bro.

No really cool story, who doesnt wanna meet Scottie Pippen?
Actually, Scottie (no Cudi) got to meat  them..
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Originally Posted by sauuceking

So did Scottie hit?
Right, did dude pop?

Should have told him to take his Ol' Horse in the face always be number 2 lookin as home. Got the whole place smellin like cow hide and Right Guard

-The Juice
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This man speaks the truth!

Pippen used to come to Hawaii with the Lakers for their preseason training camps. Dude used to grope on every girl at the club. I heard it was almost to the point where you felt bad for him that he has to resort to that type of lifestyle. Pip is a grimey dude man. Don't even sweat it OP

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Originally Posted by OrenthalJames

Originally Posted by sauuceking

So did Scottie hit?
Right, did dude pop?

Should have told him to take his Ol' Horse in the face always be number 2 lookin as home. Got the whole place smellin like cow hide and Right Guard

-The Juice

Nah...I'm talking to Amber right now. She's just telling me about how she might go to the game with him tomorrow but she's not trying to mess with dude because he got 4 kids and a wife and lives in Fort Lauderdale.

He told her to say if they go to the game together, she's his niece.

Dude was mad thirsty in there. Like...never seen a man that thirsty. Ever.
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