I need some opinions.

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hey guys, i happen to have a friend that is an *** about my sneaker habit. he rocks some dark blue skechers with 3m. 

the other day we walked into a footlocker and i decided to cop the white/gold lebron elites that came out a while ago. he then asked the person that got me the pair in my size "lol do you buy these 200 dolalr snikers." the guy he asked happened to be wearing some beat chucks. he said he only bought kicks like that if they were gucci. 

the other other day i was on my vacation to spain and some rareish kicks were sitting on the shelves, grapes, black grapes, 11 lows, whiteouts, fighter jets, barkleys. i didn't really like a lot of what i saw and i already had a pair of fighter jets so i just copped the lows and the black grapes. i posted the pic on instagram, he happened to see it and everytime we go out in a group with my other friends he tells everyone that nobody in spain buys that type of crap and he also tells the story about the gucci kid. it really annoys me and upsets me that he goes out and criticizes me when he collects WINE.

pls tell me wat do about him.
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Keep it movin, aint that serious.

I had friends like that, I just told them it was my hobby.

If they didnt like it, I kept it movin. They didnt understand and I didnt expect them too.


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Find new friend. My friends don't do stuff like that. And we all cop 200 dollar sneakers lol
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why are you asking NT on what to do?

If you have a problem with it confront him. 
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Nothing against you but I'm too old to worry about if anybody says anything about my kicks.

I just had a daughter so there is more to life than material things and being concerned with people that don't share your same interest.
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because i assumed that the members here that don't type in italic font actually had this same problem.
You assumed wrong - I highly doubt people keep friends that put them down every single chances they have.

It seems to me by this thread that you don't know how to handle your problems.

I gave you my advice - take it or leave it.

Now I guess you can't type in Italic - maybe you can make a thread about it.
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this thread needs to be locked, i already have my solution.
Pretty pathetic - I should report this to the authorities since I don't know if you are serious!

Dude come in here to ask about a fake problem to announce to everyone that 1. he went to Spain 2. he copped a few kicks 3. his friends are jelly!

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