I was so hyped for I Can't Feel My Face the 1st time i heard this song

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Lets Go!
Hard Body I Cant Even Bend
Nor Fold Im Cold Like The Wind
Or Northpole I Froze All My Limbs
Too Much Ice Im A Walkin Bezzle


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i knew it was this particular track before i opened the thread..................

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this used to be my favorite song!!! everybody @ skool would tell me it was wack...id be like !!#????

but yes..this #@% went hard....the new mixtape that dropped "my face cant be felt" goes hard too...
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I remember watching the Youtube vid of this, with Wayne on the bus rapping to it while it was playing. Heads on NT were

Both ripped it. Juelz though came harder
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Originally Posted by INFAMOUS

This is the one Lil Wayne project I wanted to drop. Too bad its never going to happen
Its crazy how much Weezy has blown up since this project was first announced. Santana on the other hand is pretty much done. They both killed that track tho.Appreciated.
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the wayne between c2 and c3 was wayne in his prime

all of this material will be looked back on as classic
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Originally Posted by McFlyyy

the wayne between c2 and c3 was wayne in his prime

all of this material will be looked back on as classic
I know it is your opinion and im not going to argue, but Wayne in his prime was the prefix, carter 1, dedication 1, suffix and dedication 2.Anything after that is him just coming up short.
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they had all this buzz leading up to this I Can't Feel My Face *!!! for nothing...this was a big letdown everybody I know wanted this *!!! to drop....

this had the hood going ape****!!!

My Face Can't Be Felt is ok a lot of tracks on there I already heard...but that 1 Arm joint
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