is it ok to have a couple of credit cards open with zero balance?

Joined Sep 16, 2003
i have a master card that i never use and a american express.  is it ok to have these open and not use them
Joined Apr 10, 2006
100% ok, in fact that's exactly what you should do. don't close CC accounts; keep them open even if you never use them.
Joined Jul 2, 2002
What the other people have said. You don't want to have TOO many open lines of credit, but you should have at least 3. Credit card, student loan, etc.

I have also been advised not to have more than half your line of credit as a balance on the card
Joined Apr 8, 2007
Yes, but with the recent credit crackdowns, Credit card companies are beginning to shut down inactive accounts so u may want to throw a fill up of gas on the cards and just keep on alternating them to keep them active. Having a credit card shut down by the company doesn't look good on your credit report. Your only supposed to carry about 20% of your credit line as your balance otherwise you are adversely affecting your credit score.
Joined Sep 6, 2002
The CC company will close your acct for inactivity...Of course that depends on the company. For example, PayPal shutdown my buyer credit acct recently since I never used it.
Joined Jan 19, 2002
Did anybody else see a hit on their recent credit score? My score dropped about 75 points from equifax for no reason. I called in and the guy told me there's a new scale that the companies are using now that started in 2010
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