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Mar 22, 2001
Okay ok ok.....now I know Ghettro beat me by about a good year....and I can say I had the same idea before he posted his but it don't mean much....so anyways I had planned on using my XII tongue and forgot about it when G unleashed his "sogreattheywerefaked" IVdunks....so this year I came into a few pairs of the Vs and IVs and decided to give it a go a bit my way...

1st pair IVs....with full wings and grey speckle and tongues...pretty simple....



2nd pair transplant of the V side mesh didn't seem to be very possible so I decided to use the V Money & Mars commerical/poster and pretty much put it on the shoes.




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The tongues look kinda cool....the IVs look better than the other ones tho....creative idea...
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Penny Foams SZ 6.5 or 7
Penny 2s Sz 6.5 or 7
Nike Air Bakins (Red or Blue) Sz 6.5 or 7
Is the tounge and wings from real IV and V's?
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Air Jordan VI White/Infared-Black
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^^thats wat I was wonderin

nice work none the less..those IVs are really nice...love the tongue and the wings!
Damn I wish I had IV's and V's to cut up and make other shoes out of! Darn, I wish I had 99 Retro's of each (at least one pair :frown:
WANTED: Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Laser Size 11(Black/Maize) KOBE
Those are amazing my friend. Great work!

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Nice work really clean.
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i love the second ones, how much r u willin to part with them for? lol naw man i would never take something that beautiful away from its creator
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Those are very well done, super creative
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the firts one sick coulda had better colors tho. sick none the less.
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