Nike Foamposite 'White Camo'


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Is this all star foam people be talking about supposed to be a surprise or something?


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Is this all star foam people be talking about supposed to be a surprise or something?
We expect them to be, if they are something new, not the White Camo or Camo Pros. Last year we didn't see the final version of the Galaxy Foams until 3 weeks before release. We didn't even know about the shoe itself until around the the begin of January last year.

So yeah, we are expecting that in a couple weeks their will be a surprise pair pop up and it be announced that they are the All-Star pack Foams
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these are my least favorite foam ones ... something about em looks rushed or fake :smh:
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I dont hate them, so I would cop if I have the opportunity at retail. But I will prob be in the DMV area on that drop date so it will probably be tough.
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All this hype and **** is soo stupid im a jr in highschool and i cop older shoes later like the bred 4s i wait like a year or so tillsomeone sells for a reasonable price like the concords got them 250 ds and rocked them and good cuz only i wear the shoes at school hate when 2O ppl rocking the same j's
You're going to be a Jr in high school for quite some time.
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 @ these pre-sales happening on eBay for these. $700...... No.

I'd cop at retail, maybe even a decent resale price but come on son. $700?? That's purely the "Hype" speaking as of now.
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“Anfernee Hardaway.  #1.  07-18-1971.  Memphis, Tennessee.  Nike Foamposite One.”  So reads the hangtag you see above, a dangling bonus attached to the upcoming ‘Fighter Jet’ Air Foamposite One.  A follow-up to the infamous ‘Galaxy’ which featured a pull-cord attachment, the Figher Jet Foams are theme-appropriate dogtags, with the second plate featuring Penny’s ’1c’ logo.  Stick with Sneaker News to find out if the early February release date holds and let us know which sneaker carried with it your all-time favorite tags.

Nike Air Foamposite One
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Just saw this on twitter from footlocker Canada....... Says jets feb 9 and suns first of march
I like how Nike is tryna slow the the reselling business by puttin out shoes back to back to back, but C'MON NOW!!! This is just RIDICULOUS
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