No love for the Cortez???

Joined Feb 16, 2011
Not everyone call pull off some cortez, but
 when done right

On the whole Mexican thing-
In cali...if you Mexican and you have to EARN your cortez, you cant just be down one day and start rocking cortez, cats will G' check you for them %!@$# real quick, well at least in my hood.


Joined Oct 1, 2003
eastbay has so many dope color schemes in the nylons right now. carolina blue wit navy swoosh 
Joined Mar 24, 2012
i got love for the cortez, personally i own the dark blue nylon pair, or as i like to call them, the "costanzas"
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 I noticed alot cheerleaders rock Cortez.

I only rock nylon, saw a pair a Gabriel brothers in Neutral Grey with white swoosh for like 30 bills. 1/2 size too small tho.
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I didn't know these dropped. Anyone know where I can find a pair for a fair price? I see they're on eBay for like $150, willing to pay that amount but not at the moment. I want to rock these for Memorial Day or the 4th to represent my favorite fictional American Hero, Forrest Gump.

Any info on these will be greatly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by NobleKane

love these shoes. a damn shame its labeled a gang shoe.

if any hispanic or black male wears them they are basically a target for any gang to ask them where they're from. i rarely see anyone wearing cortez's anymore besides old school gang bangers stuck in the 90s
i had pairs as a kid and pairs as a teenager when i was into the whole bangin %*!#.
Joined Jun 14, 2011
I love my one pair of Burgundy Cortez's, but there is a lot of stereotypes behind the shoe unfortunately- The comfort level is insane! from 72!?? wow- ahead of it's time.
Joined Mar 9, 2012
im surprised they havnt made cortez a SB shoe version

i mean the classics and bruins kind of look like them but i always think they would of done it
Joined May 5, 2012
The Cortez brings back memories for me. I rocked those for a solid 2 years in middle school.
Joined Feb 20, 2013
Gotta say this is one of my favorite shoes. Growing up in Los Angeles during the 80s- mid 90s it seemed that everyone had a pair of Cortez. Totally a gang related shoe. All my boys had at least 3 pair. It just sucks that the price has jumped so high for such a simple shoe. Anyway, cortez are dope and I still rock them, just at sale price. Haahaa
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