NT! NT! NT! Last night was crazy..Pics!

Joined Jul 14, 2007
Man! where do I start. Me and my boys went to the club in Houston, man I was soo wasted it could've been in Atlanta or Vegas.  It was poppin, we were drinking champagne all night
It felt like thats all we had in our system for like 24hrs. I was so wasted I was spilling my drink everywhere but I kept drinking tho. We didnt pay for anything, The club owner Brian supplied it. He's a cool dude. I felt like I was on top of the world 
. Here's the crazy part! While in the club I had an epiphany, it seemed like I turned out to be what everyone didnt want me to be. Its crazy looking back to think that i actually "made it." Thats right, im the **%$@%+ man!
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