NT, what are some of the worst feelings in the world?

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Not like a legit bad feeling, but for example, just completed my second puzzle in a week that was missing a piece.
So annoying lol.

What are some of your examples?
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Planning your dinner while at work, only to get home that night and discover that you're out of a key ingredient.


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What are some of your examples?
-When you postpone getting a tattoo and new car cause your girlfriends cat got sick and she cant pay the veterinarian bill cause COVID-19 left her worthless butt unemployed.

Fast forward to 2021, you are reminded of this everytime you take your laundry out the dryer and have to use a lint roller to remove the cat hairs from your clothing (in addition to driving the beat up car and not having the tattoo you'd been yearning for. In the back of your mind you wonder what your life would be like if you had just let the stupid cat die.

-When your girlfriend finesses you into putting a 4500 down payment on a home when in reality you wouldve been fine in a 1br apartment since you dont have kids yet and arent even married.

In order to afford said house you are forced to reduce your CBD consumption and be irritable when you could've stayed blazed 24/7 had you stayed in the 1br apartment.

These arent my bad feelings by the way, its a homie i got name Craig out thurr in Grand Rapids who collects shoes.
Joined Dec 9, 2002
benzo withdrawal :frown:
Never been on pills for real but when I was prescribed lexapro they told me not to stop cold turkey. Thank God I listened. They put me on a schedule to ease off of them and there were a few times that I experienced random shocks and tremors. Sometimes I could feel it coming. It's wild how drugs legitimately hijack your body.
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