Official Air Jordan IV "Mars" post...

Dec 9, 1999
EVERYTHING related to this shoe is to go in this post...

Also, any offers to buy/sell/trade will be deleted on sight, and warnings issued accordingly


07/22/2006 Men's Air Jordan 4 Retro
308497-162 White/Varsity Red-Black
*General release. NIKETOWNs,, and Urban Accounts will receive this style.

As info posted by Baby Jordan:

The " Mars " IV
White/Varsity Red-Black

Is A GENERAL RELEASE - Almost every store will carry these.

& Almost Every On-Line Store will have these available for order.

( Although I Personaly say stay away from )

The Production # is Through the Roof and will reflect #'s that are equal to or in comparison to the Black/Red XIV.

Yes it will sell out within 72 hours I Predict, but on...

July 22 2006

You need ALL WHITE Air Force 1 lows? I got ' $88 shipped! E-mail me at:
It's gonna b about 80 plan on me coppin two or 'em or 3 even..
why are people taking 30% off already?? Also...what do you think the resell value on these is going to be?? NO I'M NOT PLANNING ON RESELLING!! I'm going to be away on 7/22/06 and if I can't cop I might need to resort to NT to cop so I was just wondering...
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I will be getting my one pair of these early the 22nd morning or if im lucky the 21st evening... cant wait...
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in on the first page of a soon to be enormous thread
not feeling the banana toe but i gotta get 2 pairs regardless
Im of a mind that makes a movie...
cant wait jus about 2 weeks and im coppin 2 pairs
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yea i cant wait for these too, but only one pair for me, is there any clothing for these?
is there any clothing for these?

^^^ ummm im not sure you really need "special" clothing to match this kinda classic colorway. but if you must, im sure there is tons of stuff in Bulls colors available
Im of a mind that makes a movie...
pretty early for this post..

but yea, im DEFINATELY copping a pair.. :pimp:

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I will be visiting the United States (NYC) from 13 to 19 july, do you guys think there would be a possibility for me to get the shoes a couple of days early somewhere in NYC??

I'm def coppin these joints,
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get the shoes a couple of days early somewhere in NYC

if mom and pops stores get em early in nyc than you can be sure they are gonna sell early, but prepare to buy at raised prices
Im of a mind that makes a movie...
there clean, but rather have 2 pairs of military's offtop
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I have flint VII's size 10.5,
get at me!
so sick..cant wait..itll be my first day in Cali..and im going to unDS these instantly

that PS job in the Eastbay pic is terrible

o yea to the guy up there..BabyJ recommends staying away from b/c of thier prior mishaps regarding releases, esp. big ones
That's Jeezy, if that matters

If you have any 11.5-13 shoes (especially Jordan) for sale, email me at
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