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I'm going to ****ing kill this new UPS driver!!!!

I live in an Apartment building in TriBeCa and I never have to list my apartment #. The mailroom simply knows where everyone lives, and leaves packages with the doorman. I check tracking for my T-shirt and I see there is an "undeliverable" status. I call UPS and they tell me the driver listed my package as undeliverable because no apt # was listed. I've had to deal with this issue on the phone with UPS all ****ing day. Ended up getting someone from New York to help me and they tell me to just go pick up the item from 8-9pm. I show up and the package isn't there. The guy tells me its undeliverable. I call UPS and they tell me they will attempt re-delivery. Now I get a text message saying they're returning to sender. WTF is going on here?

I've ordered HUNDREDS of time from Supreme and other shops. I have NEVER had to list my Apt #.

Now I see from UPS they are sending shipment back to sender. What does this mean? Have I lost out on the shirt? Will they just refund my cash?

I've had the exact same thing happen, from unable to deliver to returning to sender. I told them to hold it wherever and under no circumstances attempt another delivery. I was willing to go 30 miles out of the way while on the clock. But they just held it. I made sure I had gotten it taken care of as soon as I saw the return to sender.


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the funny thing is that the same thing happened to me this season for the Shop Tee. It was shipped, out for delivery and then all of a sudden Returned to Sender. Contacted supreme to see whats up and they reshipped it free of charge. Got lucky I guess.
That happened to me last year with the Nike Sport Hooded Jacket. I contacted Supreme and they sent it to a new address free of charge.
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