Question about thunder/lightning IV's...Appreciation?

Joined Jun 5, 2009
I'm sure everyone remembers this release but I have a few questions about them.  First, what were these limited to?  I know there was an old thread about numbers and these were in it but I can't find it ANYWHERE.  Secondly, what is up with the price difference between the two (resell that is)?  The thunders are always way more, were there less of them made or just they were favored more?  Sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't find the answers so I figured I'd ask.  Lock it up if it's not necessary.
Also, what was this release like for those of you that got them?  I heard it was online only but some smaller stores got them?  Which pair do you like more?

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cant really answer any of your questions, but i love the lightnings, dont know why the thunders are always more i think theyre ugly

need to get a pair of the lightnings


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Ahaha no questions asked, I'll take the Thunders!

The Lightning Package Price was $250, mainly because Lighting 4's came with a t-shirt & Thunder 4's came with a jacket causing the Thunder Package to be $500.
As for how limited they were, that I do not know.
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Yeah I love the lightnings, I think the thunders are too plain and I'm not a huge fan of black/yellow like that
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eff them both, i got the email but couldnt afford them at the time

i know 160jordandeep got a steal from them, some guy didnt know what they were and sold him a pair for $200.
lucky sob lol
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I remember saving up for them, and JB at the last minute pulled the card on it being an "online" exclusive release.

I really think the price differential was due to the Black ones being more favored, hyped up.
Personally i think the Lightnings>Thunders.
I would love to pick up a pair, not for resale price though.
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I got a pair (lightning) comin in the mail VVVVNDS for 150
was release this on flight club? Anyone wanna post pics of their complete set?
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I got DS lightnings several months ago in a trade for DS Olive Vs plus about $100 I think. Wasn't feeling the all yellow thing so I sold them off for around $300.

I'd definitely like a pair of Thunders for a reasonable price.
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Always thought the black/yellow ones looked fake, but the all yellow ones are appreciated.
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I'll help u out bro. I had both if these lucky enough to get both. They were online exclusives. The reason they were both expensive was because they were sold as a pack. The lightnings I think retailed for $250 and came with a "rare air" tshirt. The thunders retailed I think at $300 or $350 and came with a "rare air" track jacket. An of course they were both limited quantities but forget how limited but it wasn't a lot! Hope I helped, n of course resellers Jack up the prices!


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wanted the blk/yellow & had the cash & jb switched it up on everybody still need those blk.yellow i kno they go hard in the summer w/ shorts
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please share pics if u have them i knew some that had the thunders they ok but like lightnings better
i forgot what he got em for but he got em of cl after there release
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I LOVE the lightnings. Like someone else said I think the thunders almost look like a fake c/w, still nice nonetheless. Pics anyone?! I know ijapino has them, thats all i've seen so far. Where do these rank compared to the lasers for you guys?


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I dont really care for IVs but those thunders look good. Only time i saw them in person is when my homeboi known as "the king of Js " in our city came home and had on pair. He has everything you can think of..... I couldnt stop staring, as for the lightnings i have seen them a few times, i just had an offer of vnds lightnings for my vnds carmines plus 30 and i passed. He ended up selling them for 250 meetup . I slept on this release bad , smh.


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Oh as for ranking them in comparison to the lasers i would say thunder>lightning>blk laser>white laser but thats just my opinion
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Got my 2 pairs from a seller wit 5 feedbacks, back in 2008 for $130 each DS....I was tellin him a story about how the pair he was sellin is fake
& he bought the story & sold it to me

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Originally Posted by Guerrilla Warfare

Got my 2 pairs from a seller wit 5 feedbacks, back in 2008 for $130 each DS....I was tellin him a story about how the pair he was sellin is fake
& he bought the story & sold it to me

Im jealous

Mine should be here by weeks end, worn once for 180 shipped 

The quality of these up to par with some of the others? I know people hate militarys quality

My rank would have to be: Lightning>White Laser>Black Laser>Thunder
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i thought i remembered the speculative numbers being
more like either 5,000/2,500 or 3,000/1,500
i don't have/want them but of course anyone who
does would argue for less than that

being produced in slightly smaller quantities than the
laser 4s from the previous year
comparatively worth slightly more (at least in the case
of the thunder pack)
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