ROLL CALL NTers in the ATL stand up! Lets talk sneakers

May 29, 2006
I know the A got some love for kicks, I see it all the time. Where the sneaker heads at in the A? Put ya hood up and Let's get it poppin.

I stay in G-County, Dacula and Lawrenceville

****UPDATE**** 7/1/08
I made this post to see a few things:
1) If any1 would respond to it. If so, what types of responses I would get.
2) How many residents of the A or just GA period are on NT.
3) MAIN REASON: To get an idea of where people stay at in GA, Mainly in the A, so that we could discuss certain sneaker events in GA, and releases of certainsneakers and where to cop ex: Underground ATL in downtown, Lenox Square, Phipps, wherever. Not only can GA residents discuss sneakers, but certain thingsexclusive to GA like certain nightclubs and sneaker spots down here.

Let's all GET CREATIVE and talk about things poppin in GA. I know it can be done. So besides just reppin where u from or where u stay at, let the rest ofus in here know a bit about yourselves, and where u go to cop your kicks on release dates and stuff. I'm kinda new to GA, I've been here for a 3 years,and I only know of a few decent places to cop kicks.

I stay in G-county and I cop my kicks mainly from Mall of GA, Gwinnett Place, and Stonecrest Mall. I sometimes cop from the Nike Factory outlets at DiscoverMills and Dawson Creek off of GA 400.

G COUNTY! sike lemme stop
Love it babe Love it babe Love it babe
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Hah . . .
Wanted: SIZE 6.5-7 .
+argon co.JP dunk .
+fire pink air max '95 .
+undftd dunk .
+raptor vii .
+stussy court force (purp) .
New York & Fulton county
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Lived near the ATL for a few months, Newnan-Coweta county, moved back to D.C.
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are we for real? are we really doin this? like what is the point of this post....this is why niketalk goin down the drain
lol @ "ATL sit down"
ahaah it came outta nowhere

either way....3 hrs down Statesboro

raised in Decatur thoguh
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are we for real? are we really doin this? like what is the point of this post....this is why niketalk goin down the drain
ed this post, which is what I should've done from the jump, but like I said I honestly didn't think many ppl would respond to this post *******UPDATE ON PAGE 1*********
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Lol at all these zones.....
i guess im not cool cause i dont stay in a zone but i guess Lawrenceville Zone 12
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