Joined Oct 8, 2005
you know how during the first couple weeks of summer break as you go to bed later and later, and then it completely !$@%+ up your sleeping patterns to thepoint where you try to go to sleep but you cant? this @$%+ happens to me every summer, and its starting to kick in again. monday night I didn't fall asleeptil 5 am, and last night I went to the club, came home around 2:30, went to bed and tried to fall asleep for like 2 hrs but couldn't
, so then I just decided to go out for a lil jog and of course it starts pouringoutside
, but its all good cuz now I think I'm tired enough to go to sleep.yes, I know I need a blog. goodnight/morning NT
Joined Nov 13, 2003
i go to bed at 7am and wake up at like 5 or 6pm.

im keen on sleeping in now that i'm out of high school, and i need to stop it.
Joined Dec 20, 2008
Every summer break/spring break it happens to me. going through it right now actually,
i would enjoy a set sleeping schedule through out the year.
Joined Aug 11, 2006
I know what you mean. Spring semester ended last week for me. Been up late every day since then. My bed time is like 4-5 am now
Joined Nov 5, 2003
it's why i am up right now... it's horrible waking up at 6-8pm to start your day.

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
Joined Sep 28, 2008
I had the same thing happen to me on Monday I tried going to sleep at 12:15 didn't end up going to sleep until 4.
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