they keep saying that... keep giving us hope and then taking it away.

dont count on snow, but itll be freezing, pack your parka!
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The amount of snow Seattle gets is directly correlated to how prepared the city is for such weather. When they're not prepared, there's accumulation and the city shuts down. When they are prepared and the news stations cover the preparedness to no end, it doesn't snow.
its supposedly supposed to snow a little tonight and more tomorrow in Seattle. hopefully the snow will stick this time so school gets canceled. is it snowing anywhere else in WA?
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Damn i have a math test tommorrow.
I need this snow day.
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i don't believe the hype, but we'll see.
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its gettin pretty nippy. but it supposed to start when most of us are asleep. i hoping for 6inches+
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The real question now is.....HOW icy will it get tonight (wednesday) ?
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Snowing in Oak Harbor, sticking. Hopefully picks up tonight and no school tomorrow. :pimp:
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i had school cancelled today, GRCC :x
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i got snow sticking in west seattle. I was waiting in the wallgreens on 35th for an hour for a prescription and it got going while I was in there. No snow when I went in and sticking like a mofo when i got out.
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the most snow i've seen in south seattle in a couple years. snow fell hardest around 7:30pm and started slowing down at 8:14pm. since there was so much snow on beacon I decided to do some "parking lot drifting" at AAA and as I did a right turn to go into the lot @ around 15mph my car did a 180. after that i made one snowman and i got too tired to finish the second one.


haha. nice pics robert. but @#%$!!! it took me 2.5 hours to get home from work this time around, haha. last time, it took me 4 :rolleyes

man... southcenter to kent... 2.5 hours!? if there wasnt any snow, i would have been home in 15 mins... :\
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its wet in seattle...thats about it haha
little to no snow either fallng or sticking it still snowing down there? my parents called me and said renton is bein dropped on a couple hours ago..hella icy too
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