Survey about LeBron James for my marketing class...please help NT

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Thanks for all of the help so researching the effects of LeBron's why so many haters...i love when teachers let you pick your own topic...always find a way to make it relavent to my interests
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i don't think i helped out your survey.
went from moderately liking him to liking him very much.

sue me


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Are you trying tabulate people's feelings about him before and after they watch that video?

I feel like that's asking someone in 2011 how they feel about Hitler, then making them watch a speech of Hitler, and asking them how they feel about Hitler again right after. Enough time has passed where everyone knows about that video and "The Decision" debacle, so an audience of non-basketball fans would be better for this survey. Coming to a shoe forum (shoes are promoted by major athletes ie. Lebron, MJ) wouldn't be the best place for this research.

I know comparing Lebron to Hitler is wrong and they shouldn't even be in the same context, but some people hate him so strongly
... not me, though.
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off topic on topic w/e

rewatching that clip kills me.

i joined the heat because i want to win. like he doesn't want to compete he wants the easy way out. thats not what sports players are about.

in all honesty its like he bandgwagoned as a player if that makes any sense.

p.s. where was the lakers on that teams
n/m just hit me those teams were possible options prior to the decision...
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