That Slump.......

sid lugar

Joined Mar 2, 2010
Ever gotten to that point where you've worked so hard and done everything you thought was right in school and in life in general that you go on a slump and start falling behind in everything in life? I'm having one of those moments....
Joined Sep 16, 2003
I know a few people going through this right now..I tell them to re-access their plans but some people just cant handle it.
Joined Dec 23, 2009
I just got out of one. Dont worry man, you'll pull yourself out in good time and get back to working on what you need to.


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
been there, thought i couldn't do anything wright. then i just took a step back, stopped everything and looked at my life and priorities and then fixed what need to be fixed and then things got better
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