The Combat Jack Show Thread

Joined Dec 29, 2012
Episode was cool laidback vibe

I hate that _ Justice with a passion :lol: he was a lil more chill than he used to be on the JBP

They needed Vince on here instead of Justice tbh, he close w Earl and **** w Boogie, prolly would’ve got them both more into it

Audio def need to be better
Joined Dec 29, 2012
Kev got a complex man, he want ppl to see him as a real LA crip that happens to do r&b but that’s just not how ppl view him :lol:

He started getting real extra’d out a few years ago during the CB beef
Joined Jan 5, 2013
Justice didn’t talk a lot. Thank god. Dude is annoying as hell.

If they’re hitting different cities and chopping it up with different people, this could be cool. Depends on the guests they have.
Joined May 11, 2017
It’s hilarious he’s on complete enemy territory and it took that long for anyone to say anything remotely close to “aye chill out bruh”

they knew tubby boy was NOT the one in the room who needed to make that comment :lol:
Joined Apr 21, 2007
Buddy wild as hell. In that same interview he told this story about trying to fight Busta Rhymes for calling him blood and he ending up breaking down and crying and Busta was consoling him, whispering in his ear saying, “I got you Kev.” Said he went from angry to sad to wanting to fight him again for whispering in his ear :lol:
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